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Thank you for surfing to our website… spend some time with us, open your mind to paradigm shifts and reality.  Your mind is your most valuable body part; and there’s TRUTH inside and a hunger for reality.

This website is for the purpose of education… education from the root word “educe” which means to draw from within.  Learning about the real world is a process involving that which is within us combined with observational data from the world around us.  Those who belong to Yeshua the King (AKA Jesus) have the added ingredient of the Holy Spirit leading and revealing.

Click on the posts on the left and take a journey out of deception and into the Creator’s reality.

We all have been deceived; the Bible tells us that Satan has deceived the whole world.  Our assignment is to, step by step, come out of “her” – Babylon – the systems of deception.  I warn you, complete escape will take a life time.  Even so, the journey is well worth it.  Staying duped and in a stupor is no way to live and pursue happiness.

Enjoy the beauty of this music video.