Post by David Robinson November 1, 2015; Thank you David. 

 Look into how THE DUTCH EAST INDIA TRADING COMPANY, and THE VIRGINIA TRADING COMPANY, conducted themselves in foreign lands, for these corporations are the precursors to the corporation THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, which has a long history of invading foreign lands to get rid of the rightful rulers/governors and leave in place corporate employees who masquerade as government to enslave the free peoples and rape both the peoples and their lands of wealth and virtue, for profit.

This literally is the system we are being subjected to at this very moment, a centuries-old crime spree.

Our de facto government has engaged in a long standing campaign, reorganized in the period 1778-1791, when THE VIRGINIA TRADING COMPANY set itself up as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, to distort our perception of and understanding of everything which goes on around us as the corporation worked to covertly enslave us all and exploit us, as well as our bountiful lands.

This was accomplished behind closed doors, over years, with keen sense of caution to move slowly enough that we didn’t see their movements going on right before our very eyes; but sum it up, two+ centuries of baby steps, and we see a colossal enslavement and pillaging scheme, with trillions in profits going to the criminals who executed the scheme.

We all feel something is wrong in how the de facto conducts itself.

But to put it into words, to picture it in our minds, results in conflicting images- conflict which arises by virtue of the mental programming we’ve all been subjected to at the hands of the de facto government’s agents and minions, and, sad to say, at the hands of our own parents, who simply have been raised as victims of the same mental programming campaign.

This campaign has been conducted over many generations since that time, with the hope that our elders buy into it in their youth and teach it to us as we grow up, with the hope that this self-perpetuating brainwashing sustains itself and requires little maintenance, with the hope that the public school system can be exploited to reinforce the propaganda, and with the hope that the extensive purchase of mass media sources and facilities and their use in augmenting the propaganda is sufficient to counter the information revolution ushered in by the Internet.

Any public school which refuses to reinforce the propaganda as a matter of principle is simply cut off from funding, or even shut down, putting the school’s employees out of work and out of retirement pensions.

The propaganda is aimed at keeping us focused on, thinking in terms of, and perceiving our experiences and interactions with the de facto government, as benign, cumbersome at times, but necessary.

The propaganda system never admits or allows information which accurately portrays the de facto government — when has a public school teacher ever taught his/her students that THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a corporation, a corporation which is acting as our government until the day that we decide to dismiss the corporation and resume de jure governance of ourselves?

When has any of the de facto government ever informed any of us that it is a foreign nationality, operating on our nation’s soil, and that we have the right to shut it down and deport its employees at any time?

When has any of the de facto government ever informed any of us that it conducts itself under maritime law, ON LAND, illegally, by virtue of having declared that everything physically above land is water (in direct contradiction of reality and truth), and thus falls under maritime law?

When has any of the de facto government ever presented full documentation to any of us regarding its creation, licensing, mission, and policies for both acting as government and relinquishing governance to us at our demand?

The more of us who learn this information and explore it further, the more of us who decide to help flesh out the details, and the more of us who decide to put the information to use to dismiss the de facto government’s leadership and minions and repopulate the elected offices with people not beholden to the BAR and other foreign nationals, the sooner we can reassert de jur governance, government of, by and for the men and women who wish to live free on these lands, free from debtor slavery, free from unlawful control, free to breathe clean air, free to grow and eat clean and natural foods, free to gather and drink clean water, free from living in a police state, free from all the corruption and crime in our government, free of all the wrongs done in our name on lands afar, free to raise ourselves up and raise up those around us, if they want, to make a better world.

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