Jubilee for the Roman Curia – a celebration! Forgiveness of debt by law.

Celebration of Jubilee for the Roman Curia WATCH

Holy Mass with Pope Francis in Saint Peter’s Basilica in the occasion of the Jubilee for the Roman Curia, the Governorate and the Institutions connected with the Holy See.

What are the institutions connected?

What does the Jubilee for the Roman Curia mean to you and me?  It has tremendous meaning to the wealth 1% who are initiated.   A Jubilee means a lot to the predators who call themselves the “elite.”  Wake up, look into it.  Your relief can be found in the laws and governance of the Roman Curia and it control over all corporations and government services corporations.   Your legal fiction can be relieved;or out of your ignorance you will continue to pay voluntarily.  The predators want to keep you in a stupor so as to continue to maintain their serfdom.

You must claim your discharge and in so doing, teach the deceived the truth of the matter; bring them into reality. 

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