A message to the elite form the big boss – and a civics lesson

We all must understand reality – the predators, who like to call themselves the “elite“) do their dirty work through corporations; this is how they protect themselves.  They even made the American people corporate-like entities in the 1930’s; and what is passed off as government today is really for-profit government services corporations owned by the central bankers at the top…even our local “governments” were turned into corporations in the 1960’s, so Grayson County, clerks offices, fire department, sheriff’s office, the local courts, etc. are nothing more than corporations, no different than Burger King or Sears.  

Bar-attorneys were used by the predators to infiltrate local government and judicial systems and then from within took them over creating a syndicate-monopoly for their profession… these nobles (esquires) are no friend to the people, rather they are traitors and con-artists par excellence (criminals).

This message from Pope Francis was directed to these predators.  It was subtle (“speaks like a dragon”).  Pope Francis controls them through the corporate-structures which have their source with the Roman Curia and the Vatican.  The power of dissolution is held with the creators; and the Pope notified the world of his intention to use dissolution, unless they cleaned-up their corporate corruption early in this reign.  

The big question – is Pope Francis really looking out for the people? – or using his great power on the central bankers, super-wealthy, and politicians for some other purpose?  Time will tell. 

Do your own research and come to know that the Pope and the Vatican/Roman Curia runs this commercial world, plain and simple.  Only the surfs hired by the elite are mostly ignorant of who the real master is. 

Pope Francis: Wealth and power must serve the common good

“If the dimension of service is lost, power is transformed into arrogance, and becomes domination and oppression” Speaking about the story of Naboth’s vineyard, from the First Book of Kings, the Pope said, “it is the story of human trafficking, of slave labor, of poor people who work ‘under the table’ and for a pittance in order to enrich the powerful – it is the story of corrupt politicians who want more and more.” Pope Francis showed the relevance of the Scriptural story to the world today. “Power and riches,” he said, “are realities that can be good and useful for the common good, if they are put at the service of the poor, and of all, with justice and charity. But when, as too often happens, they …”


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