Repent and believe the good news message to gain your freedom!

Divine Judgment Already Has Started Here In Grayson County.  virginiamap

When asked, “What’s it like living in a third-world region of America?”  I reply, “It’s sometimes painful seeing the rubble of depression in the evacuated towns and communities; and there’s even more pain when I realize the people left still think they live in the “land of the free and home of the brave.”  

They still believe that they live in the most prosperous country of the world.  If it weren’t so sad, it would be humorous.

There’s a town in Grayson County called Independence nearby where we live, it’s the county-seat, it has very few businesses and the separation between the “rich” and the “poor” is considerable.  There may be some very wealthy people in the county, but they are either the initiated operatives behind the scenes or they moved to the county from somewhere else.

For the town to become so empty and lacking, falling from prosperous at one time to destitute now, there had to have been great greed and corruption prevalent.  There had to be much suffering by the people, must loss, and emotional pain with family breakdowns.  As always, the working people were the victims.

Those who are left have lost their sense of community and sovereignty.  They live in a state of intermittent stupor where public servants, who call themselves “officials” manage them along with those predators behind the scene, as the media leads them by the nose.  They once were religious people, now they have been converted over to the religion of the predators-elite.  

It is so important for the people of Grayson County to awaken to reality.  The stupor is so intense that only this 3-step process can free the people from their slavery and deception.  

Step 1, realize deep down that you have forsaken and have disobeyed the Creator as revealed in the Bible.  Important:  Read and study your Bible and prove everything people tell you, as the Bible plainly tells you to do. 

Step 2, you must repent, this means you must stop disobeying Him and begin learning His will and obeying it.  

Then Step 3 is possible, you must study history and research out how your government and your world have been hi-jacked by the predators (who like to call themselves the “elite‘) and recognize that you truly are a free man or woman of the land. Beginning in the 1950’s they have corporatized everything to take your property and enslave you. 

Once you come to the true God of the Bible, His name is Yehovah Yeshua, you become His bond slave, and He makes you a king and priest and commissions you to be His ambassador to this world.

Anything else is deficient and cannot free you from the chains of darkness of this present evil world.  

The government of Yehovah Yeshua is supreme with its headquarters in heaven; and when you belong to Yeshua you become one of the highest ranking people living on the earth.  You are free and come under the authority and management of  Yeshua Himself.  

The predators don’t want you to know there’s an EXIT-door from their slave plantation and only your ignorance keeps you subjected to them and their world of control, poverty with measure, and hopelessness.  Yeshua Yehovah’s imminent return physically is what frightens the “poop” out of them and sends them into a frenzy of fear.

The predators know for sure that there is a God on His throne in heaven; and they don’t want you to know Him or obey Him so that you stay confined and under their “thumb” and subject to them.

You have just read a few paragraphs that is the true gospel message of Yeshua Yehovah (AKA Jesus Christ of the Bible).

Repent and believe it, and do it.



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