Big Weeklong Meeting of Roman Curia – it rules the world!

News word of red three-dimensional letters.

This is important… remember the Roman Curia is the continued Roman government (the same government that ruled the empire and continues).  Obviously this meeting is important to take Francis away from his regular work for a full week.  I’m pretty sure the discussion will be whether to support the old predators (who call themselves the “elite“) or do what is right and stop the slavery and oppression…. Once they make the decision to support the predators, they will develop plans to ensure victory. This meeting is not religious at all, it is political, and the agenda is protection for themselves of course, and the full establishment of the “new world order” with it totally “out of the closet.”  The health and wellbeing of the world is being determined next week by those who truly run it from behind the scenes.  The forces of world power are spiritual and are transmuted into material weapons of war and oppression so as to control and keep the people enslaved. 

Pope Francis and members of the Roman Curia this weekend began their Lenten Spiritual Exercises retreat in Ariccia. They arrived Sunday afternoon at the Casa del Divin Maestro for the retreat which will last until Friday. This year’s retreat is being led by Fr Ermes Ronchi, a priest of the Servite Order, and centers on ten key questions from the Gospel. After reciting the Angelus in St Peter’s Square on Sunday, Pope Francis asked the faithful to pray for him and all those taking part in the retreat. All activities are suspended during the five-day retreat, including the Wednesday General Audience.

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