A Note About the French “New Republique” that will very soon be presented …

Anna von Reitz
April 17, 2016


A Note About the French “New Republique” that will very soon be presented as the “solution” to the problems that the same people presenting the French “New Republique” have caused.

The Joint Chiefs have dropped their other shoe, just after they put on their rubber underpants.

Please note, that what is being announced as the “New Republic” is not a Republic and certainly not our American Republic, not a “return home” nor a return to “The Constitution” nor anything like what they are advertising.

It’s an attempt by the French Government to avoid responsibility for the wrong-doing of the UN Corporation and the IMF, a move which would, if accepted, leave the French Government in control and enabled to force us to pay debts we don’t owe—-debts that in fact are owed by the Federal Reserve and IMF banksters.

The French Government chartered the UN Corp and the IMF, both. They were content to sit by and watch us be defrauded and enslaved and they did nothing about it, but snicker and take their cut.

They are self-interested criminals. Cowards. Vermin. Manipulators. Liars. “Used Republic” Salesmen. Three for a dollar.

Oh, which dollar? The “U.S.” dollar? Or the “U.S.” Dollar”? Or the “United States Dollar”? Or the “United States Silver Dollar”? Or the “United States Note”—– you’re calling THAT a “dollar”? Really?

That’s enough said about the French “New Republique”. Shame on everyone involved— General Dunsford, Paul Ryan, the Chiefs of Staff, the Frenchies, and especially the French Freemasons, Jacob Rothschild, and all the rest of the “usual suspects” who are in fact responsible for this debacle.

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