Crisis at the close of the age – wake up, repent and believe Yeshua Yehovah.

What we are experiencing today is a government-directed program, orchestrated by the predators, of keeping the world and our environment in chaos just a the breaking point, so as to socially and culturally engineer everyone of us.  They use false flag operations, with  the help of the media to keep us in a constant state of fear and uneasiness.  How can you  tell if an event is a false flag? (hint, there are only false flags today).  These predators believe that man has no soul, no spirit; and a soul or consciousness is of very little importance.

The predators are psychopaths who have been developing, through their control of education and the media, “zombies” who believe there is no God, no rules to follow, nothing beyond the moment; and surely what a person believes they become.   This conditioning of the people is for control and dominance, even more it protects the predators’ wealth and gives them “toys” (the people) to play-with and destroy thereby feeding the predators’ appetite for observing the suffering and pain of others.  

It’s  taken them more than 200 years to achieve full-fledge cryptocracy, as the shadow-government, leading to total worldwide control in the form of the new world order.  It is the individualism of many Americans who have kept them from full achievement.  They’re, the predators’, patience has worn thin, and now they are taking a big chance to launch a full assault on humanity.   

Their arrogance has no bounds, they’ve created a world for us that is almost a total deception, we don’t even know where we live, and who we are.  They’ve infiltrated every organization including education and religion.  It is very hard to escape their fantasy world, and those that do are the few, and most of those who have awakened seem to be called of God and given the truth. 

Because of their fear of God, and those who have awakened to the truth and learning more truth each day, they have begun their planned population reduction campaign of poisoning the water, food, and air… with chemicals and radiation.  They will destroy the earth to protect their “asses” and to remain in power.  These few predators employ the elite who in turn do their bidding in the open, but predators are pulling the strings behind the scenes with no care for anyone except themselves.  

Satan and his operatives are working through them and their employees to achieve the goal of attacking heaven and destroying God… Satan and his operatives are deficient in creativity so they must have men and women create weapons and technologies for them using their control of education, the big corporations, research centers, governments, the military bases and systems, etc. they seem to think, with their insane thinking processes, that they can win.  Satan not only has deceived the world, he has deceived himself and his operatives… this is how insanity works. 

The future has been written in advance, and Satan and his operatives are the losers and Yeshua Yehovah will rule this world, in his physical form, so people will be able to interact with Him.  Yeshua Yehovah is on a count-down to begin His reign on this earth, with Satan serving prison time and evil being eradicated. 

These are the days of the crisis at the close of the age.  Those who are connected on the heavenly LAN (spiritual Local Area Network) have hope and power to endure, and overcome the darkness and deception, and then enter the kingdom of God.   The time ahead is the worst of times, never before and never again will conditions be so horrible.  Those who have received the mark of God will be the survivors; plain and simple. 

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