Unity … the ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ has his own definition in support of the “NWO”

Published on May 14, 2016 on Youtube

Vatican – “Jesus, before the Passion, prayed for the unity of Christians, so that they might be one—as He and the Father are one—that the world might believe. But within the Church there are those who “sow weeds,” who divide and destroy the community with their wagging tongues. That was Pope Francis’ message during Mass at the Casa Santa Marta, during his homily on the day’s Gospel. “The unity of the Christian community,” he said, “is a witness: a witness to the fact that the Father has sent the Son” – but achieving unity is very difficult. We have to seek forgiveness for our history, for having waged war against our Christian brothers, the Pope continued, divisions which continue even today – and which make it …”

Comment from AJS:

Unity… the world’s way is control and submission to the “good,” as defined by the predators (“good” equals what’s best for the predators – who like to call themselves “the elite”).  The Bible teaches us to be “at one” with God (that is obedient to Him, as our Creator and Parent), and to encourage one another, and value and love the differences in others… this is exactly what freedom is… exploring life to the fullest, without harming others in the process. 

Do we have to agree with everyone, “no” – but we have to respect and honor everyone, to the point of loving our neighbor as we love ourselves, that is granting them the fullness and God given right to be free.  We are created in the image and likeness of God; therefore, no one has the right to control and lord-over another.  Plain and simple!!! “Harmony” is a word that used to describe this kind of relationship… today “harmony” has been changed to mean “being subject. in every way,” to the will and authority of the predators, who tell us they have the “divine right” to rule us. This is a lie, and a con, and Satan’s method to enslave and destroy humanity.  Even Satan’s predators and their employees, will end-up, destroyed by Satan, when he has no need for them – they like the rest of us are expendable.  

The pope quotes scripture, but has no idea what the words mean, he’s an instrument of the predators, and both the pope and the predators serve the god of this world.

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