The predators have modified our environment; here’s proof.

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Some of you asked what it was like to be in a place where wi-fi and most radio transmissions are “legally” prohibited.  A place with no cell phone towers on every street corner, no sitting in 27 wi-fi hot spots at any given moment, no smart meters on every house. Yes, there was definitely a noticeable difference. Here’s what it was like to spend a few hours in the National Radio Quiet Zone.

Green Bank, West Virginia

It’s hard to imagine a world without electromagnetic, microwave, and radio frequencies.  We have been attacked by what should be nurturing us and supporting our health and well-being, rather, our environment is poisoning us and making us restless and confused.  This corruption of our environment is not natural, it has been induced by those who want to cull the population.  These predators have used us up, stolen our credit by identify theft and now they want to kill off the victims.  These predators, who like to refer to themselves as the “elite” are psychopaths who are “destroying the earth” and finding great satisfaction and “joy” observing the people’s pain and early death.

Even the most cursory investigation will bring forth the mess humanity is now in.

In spite of this hellish condition, there is hope for those whose eyes are open to reality.

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