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For your Governments, Courts, Police, Banks, Scientists and so forth do not communicate or cast spells with the English, they use multiple-languages, multiple-styles, multiple-font-sizes, boxing, underlining and the ‘Glossa’.

‘Glossa Viperina Est Quae Corrodit Viscera Textus” = It is a poisonous Gloss which corrupts the essence of the text. The Glossa is on all Government ID’s such as the ‘driving-license’ the passport, and the birth-bond is both glossed and framed within the four-corners; legally known as ‘boxing. The law states that anything in a [box] cannot be seen, heard or used as evidence. Hence why the Jury is in a box, six over six. Ju=No.

Then there’s the death-grip (mortgage) which like your money is a ‘hoax’ a ‘gloss’ much like the Degree which is framed (boxed). De-gree = no-contract, hence the black square cap and limp phallus.

For the documents, the identification and the money all contain the Glossa therefor all are Null and Void as thee was a concealment and corruption from the beginning. Police, courts, governments, banks and all state academia use this poisonous text and they operate with the zero-authority.

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