Pope Francis’ message to Together for Europe / with commentary

The predators really want Europe to be united … and the distinct and beautiful differences of each nationality to be broken apart and made into one culture as defined by the predators themselves (the rich families of this world). 

Since WW2, the cultures of the world have been made to look and act the same. A picture of a busy street in Moscow looks much like a busy street in New York City – same kind of cars using gasoline, and the same kind of structures, systems, and iPhones.  It is like that all over the world, the creative differences of each culture have been eroded by “technology and material things” – so now most everyone wears jeans, has an iPhone, a suit and tie, and even eat the same fast food.  Media and governments (all corporate) have worked together to change the thinking and the culture of most every country.  The predators got every country on the same financial system and gotten everyone indebted to them (on paper) – making the financial infrastructure the control for unification and economic prosperity – with the predators controlling all of the necessities of living.  What were once beautiful and creative differences have been replaced with materialism and especially electronics.  People have been conditioned to believe the same regarding the physical world with pseudo-science replacing or augmenting the religious beliefs.  The goal has been a one world culture and it has been incorporated through wars, immigrations, and the media (including Hollywood, NASA, and all governmental marketing units).  Those countries that resist this movement, have been attacked with millions killed and property destroyed.  Examples, Iraq, North Korea, Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Libya, etc. China was conquered by the predators’ financial system and the central banks of the Crown and Wall Street as was done with India.  It’s been a plan of the predators since the early 1900’s, probably even earlier.  Now, it’s time to blend the countries of Europe together into one people.  The Pope supports this and has become the spokesman for it.  America’s blended cooperative culture is also under attack… to take away individual sovereignty and to blend everyone into one BORG-unit… even the two sexes – now we have legal variety – whatever one wants can be their gender.  The predators are pulling out the stops worldwide for this blending and to force those who reject it out into the open so as to destroy them or incarcerate them.

The predators have used Islam as the catalyst for this blending and culling.  There’s compelling evidence that Islam was developed by the predators as a religious nationalism for just this purpose (as it is stated in Pike’s book on Freemasons) …  the Catholic hierarchy even wrote the Koran to create and inspire the movement.  Possibly, Mohammad never really existed or if he did, was used in the process.

This speech by Pope Francis is pro-NWO and would have been rejected and laughed at 40 or 50-years ago, and one of the European states, like France, would have gone to Rome and kicked Pope Francis out of the palace!   Oh, France did that once before to a ruling pontiff with Napoleon and his generals.  Today, the European nations are being attacked by an invasion of Muslims.  The Predators got the idea to do this attack method from how Europe was changed by the influx of “barbarians” or better said – the influx of peoples from the collapsed Parthia, Scythians, and Carthaginians territories.   Europe during this time of major influx of refugees changed Europe from an Italian (Roman) culture to a blend of Roman and Middle Eastern culture. When the influx of the “barbarians” was complete a new culture was formed in each of the countries – not yet united into one United States of Europe, but having their nationalism culture modified with each country or state looking to the Vatican for its direction and stability.  Rome in its heyday, didn’t merge cultures, but instead valued the individual cultural differences, and used each conquered territory to strengthen its empire.  The method now being used, will create a brittle and “frictionous” unity.

We are truly living in the end time and last days when all hell will be let loose, and Yeshua will be required to come and save humanity; or if He didn’t intervene, mankind would be so messed-up, so corrupted and polluted, that no salvation and rescue from the Almighty could work – and His great plan for His people would be ended in failure.  Thank Yehovah, He coming and is on a count-down even now!

 Video of Pope Francis speech to Europe –


Full text of Pope Francis’ message:
Dear Friends in Together for Europe,

I know that you are gathered in Munich, Bavaria, from many Movements and Groups, for your meeting called “Encounter – Reconciliation – Future”.

You are right. It is time to get together, to face the problems of our day with a true European spirit. Apart from some visible walls, other invisible walls are being strengthened which tend to divide our continent. These walls are being built in people’s hearts. They are walls made of fear and aggression, a failure to understand people of different backgrounds or faith. They are walls of political and economic selfishness, without respect for the life and dignity of every person.

Europe finds itself in a complex and highly mobile world, which is ever more globalised and therefore ever less Eurocentric.

If we are aware of these momentous issues, then we must have the courage to say: we need change! Europe is called to reflect and to ask itself whether its immense heritage, so permeated with Christianity, belongs in a museum or is still able to inspire culture and to offer its treasures to the whole of humankind.

You are meeting so as to look together at these challenges facing Europe and to highlight testimonies of life in society which enable networking, so as to welcome and show solidarity towards those who are weak and disadvantaged, to build bridges and overcome conflicts whether they are open or latent.

Europe’s history is an ongoing encounter between Heaven and earth. Heaven indicates openness to the Transcendent, to God, which has always been characteristic of European people. Earth represents their practical and concrete ability to address situations and problems.

You too, Christian communities and movements which began in Europe, are bearers of many charisms, which are gifts of God to be made available to others. “Together for Europe” is a unifying power with the clear aim of translating the basic values of Christianity into concrete responses to the challenges of a continent in crisis.

Your lifestyle is based on mutual love, lived out with Gospel radicalness. A culture of reciprocity means talking things over, esteeming one another, welcoming one another, helping one another. It means appreciating the diversity of charisms so as to move together towards unity and enrich it. The tangible and clear presence of Christ among you is the witness which leads to faith.

Every authentic unity draws on the wealth of diversity which forms it – like a family which grows in unity in so far as its members can fully and fearlessly be themselves. If Europe as a whole wants to be a family of peoples, it should put the human person back at the centre; it should be an open and welcoming continent, and continue to establish ways of working together that are not only economic but also social and cultural.

God always brings newness. You have experienced this so often in your lives! Are we open to surprises today too? You, who have answered the Lord’s call courageously, are called to show his newness in your lives and bring to life the fruits of the Gospel, fruits that have grown from Christian roots, which for the last 2,000 years have nourished Europe. And you will bear even greater fruit! Maintain the freshness of your charisms; continue to be “Together” and extend it further! Make your homes, communities and cities into workshops of communion, friendship and fraternity, which can bring people together and be open to the whole world.

Together for Europe? Today this is more than ever necessary. In a Europe made up of many nations, you bear witness to the fact that we are children of one Father and brothers and sisters to one another. You are a precious seed of hope, so that Europe can rediscover its vocation to contribute to the unity of all.

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