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Sunday, July 3, 2016

No Need For Confusion of Any Kind


by Anna Von Reitz

There is no need for any “confusion” about the relationship between American States and Nations Bank and Karatbars, International.  Or anything else for that matter.  

Less than 1% of Americans own any gold at all.  The rest of the world is rapidly going back to the old precious metals standard.  Therefore, Americans will not be able to trade for foreign goods from these countries if they don’t have some gold to trade with.  
Want to go without coffee?   Peppercorns?   Get some gold set aside now. 
How simple is that?  
Not only that, the decision by the BRICS nations to trade in gold forces everyone else to obtain some gold, too.  
That spikes the demand for and therefore serves to increase the “market value”—and the price of gold overall.  So, the longer you wait to obtain some gold, the more it is going to cost. 
Notice I said SOME gold.  Any headlong rush to convert our assets to gold is counterproductive, but obtaining SOME gold at this point is a no-brainer.  For most Americans who are not in a position to buy bars of gold, it is wisest to focus on “spendable” gold — for use as a short term cash replacement and gold backed credit card accounts. 
The introduction of this competing system of exchange serves to lessen the demand for fiat currency and so, serves to further devalue it.  
The “United States Dollar” — a fiat currency that has nothing whatsoever to do with our actual national currency which is the American Silver Dollar — is losing ground to “inflation”.  
Inflation is just a fancy word for over-supply.  We have one “pie” and with every whirl of the printing press, that “pie” gets cut into smaller and smaller pieces.  As a result, the “value” of each individual piece—each “USD”— diminishes. 
This is what fiat currencies do —-and it’s what they always predictably do.  They commit suicide either via inflation or deflation.  In the 1930’s we suffered deflation of the currency.  Now, we are suffering inflation of the currency.  
The Rothschilds have set this whole situation up as a Chinese Knuckle-Buster, the kind of knot where the harder you pull on it, the tighter it gets. 
First, they aimed to steal all the gold and stockpile it, which they did over the course of 100-plus years.  
Second, they forced every country on the face of the Earth to convert to the use of fiat currencies in the interim and let these fiat currencies devalue via inflation.   
When I was six, a Hershey’s Chocolate Bar cost a nickel.  This morning at the grocery store, I saw the same candy bar advertised “on sale” for $1.29.   It now takes 26 nickels to buy the same bar of chocolate. That is what “inflation” is.  It takes more and more of whatever you are using for money to buy the same amount of goods. 
Third, now they propose to sell all the gold they stole and confiscated back to the grandsons and granddaughters of the people they took it from in the first place——only at vastly inflated prices. 
It costs $30 for an ounce of gold in 1928.  It now costs over $1300 for the same ounce of gold. 
That is a 4000% profit to them, when and if they can sell that same lousy ounce of gold back to us. 
Unfortunately for us and the entire rest of the world, we are stupid and have let this situation develop.  
We have let the bankers set up this “False Choice” between “paper” and “gold”, and now we have only three choices left:  (1) give the rats their profit by buying back some of our own gold, —-which they have stolen from us, our parents and grandparents— at hyperinflated prices; (2) execute the bankers and those supporting them—for war crimes; (3) find our own Third Way out —- which God provided us already, in the form of our traditional American Silver Dollar and our ability to now see through this scam and develop an honest World Currency System based on the value of all commodities and all labor resources, traded via block chain technology.  
Meantime, things are going to get bumpy and I am telling everyone to fasten their seat belts and stand ready to buy SOME gold.   I am recommending that they buy through Karatbars because of the advantages that Karatbars offers for small investors and because going through Karatbars will generate income in support of expanding our own American States and Nations Bank. 
This is not, of course, the primary or even secondary backing for the bank itself, it is merely a first step that people can take to (1) get “spendable” gold into their hands; (2) hedge their assets against inflation, and (3) support the American States and Nations Bank—- which will support them right back by issuing American Silver Dollars, opening local full service locations, and delivering the alternative World Currency System as a means of fair trade with the whole world. 
With our brains and our Shinola Sensors switched to the “ON” position for the first time in a 150 years, we will be able to make the Reign of the Rothschilds short-lived.
General Dunford from all reports has fallen for their trap hook, line, and sinker—- borrowed back a billion dollars worth of our own gold from the Chinese, so that we could pay interest on it to them and the Rothschild Empire which has simply switched its base of operations to China. 
Talk about being caught with your pants down.  
And that is where it all stands and that is why it is what it is.  

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