Something to consider on this Fourth of July – other than hot dogs and fireworks.

Most young people haven’t the foggiest of what Independence Day represents.  Most think its the movie what aliens coming to invade the earth.  We are living in a time of great delusion.

This report is worth watching in its entirety.   The church was a Sabbatarian church – an outgrowth of the 7th Day Adventists …  the sheeple at that time (the “people” [from the Hebrew word “militia”] did nothing about it…  This was a test, along with many others, to determine if the people would stand up for what is right and love their neighbors.  It seems each of these tests reinforced the federal government’s efforts to enslave everyone through ignorance and “dumbing down.”  I wonder if the song that has these words in it “where have all the flowers gone?”, signified what is happening to the free independent people of America… flowers stand up and state their beauty for all to see… those who love their neighbors “stand up” in support of their neighbors.


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Mel here. Back in 2014, we visited the site of the rebuilt Branch Davidian Church, where some 80 people lost their lives at the hands of the U.S. government in Waco, to pay our respects on the way back from visiting my dad for what I didn’t realize would be the last time I would ever see him. Visiting the place was pretty emotional and, after I lost my dad, I couldn’t bring myself to edit this report at the time… going through old footage, I came across it again and thought I should go ahead and put it up, especially in light of how much has happened since.

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