Prayers needed immediately for Judge Anna and the Living Law Firm

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Monday — Support Needed for the Living Law Firm

from Anna Von Reitz

Our Living Law Firm is slogging it out against incredible odds aiming to do something that nobody at present even imagines—- stopping ALL foreclosures nationwide forever. 

Think about it.  
Six million families get to stay in their homes.  
The criminal banks get held to account.  
Not just one family.  Not just one home.  Millions of homes saved.  Millions of Americans in possession of their property with no more fear of attack. 
Think about it.  
On Monday, the first of the Mega Suits hits the deck.  It has already been filed.  Monday the arguments and evidence will be heard.  No matter what happens, it isn’t going to be good for the banks.  It’s going to be the bell ringing the death knell of the foreclosure mills.  All of them.  
We are going to take them down. 
That said, it is like the Battle of Britain where so many owe so few.  These men and women have worked 24/7 on the research and procedural processes going into this, making this not only a hallmark case in terms of facts and evidence, but also a first in terms of process and procedure. 
Nobody in the history of foreclosure cases has done this, but we are.  
Send your prayers and goodwill — “good energy”— to our team on Monday.  Imagine them triumphing and the dam breaking, with all the fraud and nastiness and criminality being swept away.  Imagine one page notices to all those now facing foreclosure, basically saying, “Never mind…..” 
It has been a long and terrible effort.  Several members of our team have been unpaid for months now, except via your donations.  On their behalf and mine and the millions of American families we have dedicated ourselves to help—– thank you.  Every dollar is like ammo in a firefight. 
Editors Note:  If you want to donate to the Living Law Firm send your donation directly to Anna’s PayPal account.  Her PayPal email is
Support the team.  Get behind The Living Law Firm —the only law firm on this earth that really, truly has your back and is pushing for broad spectrum remedy for you and yours.  
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