Encouragement from Judge Anna to take action and tell everyone about the corrupted systems our parents permitted to form

(Comments from Allen Stein, a free and independent man who is waking up more each day to the evil around us, that we all have allowed to form and propagate)

I’m concerned for Grayson County and Southwestern Virginia.  Most people who have suffered at the hands of the predators and so beaten down and fearful that they will do nothing for themselves or their neighbors.  I know that this condition is not totally their fault; they have been victimized and stolen from… their property and their self-esteem by the people in governmental power the elite behind the scenes running these corrupt counties. 

In addition to the lack of self-esteem and poverty, as a result of the assault on them by the predators, they have been dumbed down by the educational system on purpose and played and programmed by the media to think they are still free Americans and living in the most prosperous country on earth.

It’s time, actually past time, for those in Grayson and the surrounding counties to wake up and “smell the corruption” that exists in government and the judicial system.  The predators have corporatized government while we all were distracted.  Government is not of the people, by the people and for the people; rather it is a for profit corporation owned by big-money, banks, and a few “leading” families in every community and state. 

These governmental services companies are not of and for the people, instead, they are of and for the elite. 

Prove all things, you have access to the Internet, go do some investigation… visit your libraries, read, study history – and do it now!  You owe this effort to yourself, your family, and your neighbor. 


FROM JUDGE Anna von Reitz

Six Million Cases Per Month

There are on average six million American families dealing with foreclosures— past, present, and future every month.

Think about that. Past evictions. Present struggles. And new foreclosures.

This is an industry, folks.

This is being done on purpose. It has methods that are set forth in patents and trademarks. It has means set forth in court procedures. This isn’t just a matter of Joe missed his payments for two months.

This is a purposeful fraud system set up by international banks as a means of stealing American property, pure and simple.

I can listen to all your many stories and try to work with you all one-on-one, which is what some people seem to expect from me and the Living Law Firm, but that is not getting the problem solved and not bringing relief to all the other families that need help just as much as the squeaky wheels among us.

Our Living Law Firm is going after the Whole Enchilada. We are going after the industry –hacking at the root, not the branches.

Now, step back and think about it. You are me. One little old lady in Alaska. You and a few dozen lawyers and paralegals have limited resources, limited time. How do you make it count?

You go after the real problem. You don’t fritter your time and effort and what resources you have away on fighting foreclosures one by one—-not if you are aiming at helping those six million families that fall victim to the Foreclosure Mills every month.

So PLEASE— I have said this before and I am going to say it again — stop clamoring for individual help. The only way I can help six million people is by keeping the focus on derailing the industry that is causing the problem. I do NOT have time to sort through your foreclosure or Cousin Don’s foreclosure or anything like that. The Living Law Firm is working on a much larger scale than that. And we can’t get bogged down!

So—- please do NOT contact me for individual help. It isn’t possible. I can’t look at your case. I can’t offer opinions. I can’t analyze your strategy. There are six million people in the same boat as you are and every minute we spend looking at your individual case means a minute that we don’t have to work on and solve the actual problem—which is an entire industry set up to defraud people and steal their property.

The average foreclosure case suffers over 60 separate issues of fraud. This isn’t a mistake. This isn’t a typo. Not six. Sixty. —-Any one of which should be sufficient to invalidate the claims being made by the banks, but the banks are being supported by corrupt courts.

So— first stop, is political. Beat the politicians bloody— not me. I didn’t create this problem. They are the ones that botched up the banking and securities laws. They are the ones that don’t provide oversight and enforcement. They are the ones looking the other way while these banks commit fraud after fraud after fraud. Grab them by both ears and rub their noses in it.

Second stop is practical action. Tell everybody you know what you are finding out about the actual history of this country and how the hospitals are snatching babies and promoting identity theft and committing war crimes every day of the week. Sound the alarm. Beat the drums. Go talk to those hospital administrators and give them an ear-full. Bring suits against the “STATE” and the hospitals and the “Bureaus of Vital Statistics” that have so grossly over-stepped their bounds and promoted so much criminality. New Mothers? Don’t sign. Mothers of any age? Do affidavits for your children, admitting that you were never told about the nature of the paperwork you were asked to sign, that you never intended to give up custody of your baby to the “State”, and that you never intended to claim a false citizenship status for your baby, either.

Third stop is empower yourself. Stop feeling “helpless”. Get your Irish up. Or your Spanish. Or your Polish. Or whatever it takes. Stop waving your hands and wanting someone else to take charge. You are the only one here to take charge, Bubba. This is your life and your country and it’s your house.

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