They Stole Your Name ….. and Now, They’ve Lost It. – Judge Anna

Anna von Reitz
July 31 at 8:00pm ·

They Stole Your Name ….. and Now, They’ve Lost It.

What I am going to tell you all today is going to blow your minds— if they aren’t staggered already.

First, the rats under FDR pretended that our Trade Names, the Upper and Lower Case names we were taught to use in grade school styled like this: Felix Morton Morganthau —- were actually Foreign Situs Trusts belonging to the “Federal Government” doing business as the United States of America (Inc.) and represented franchises of that bankrupt private, mostly foreign owned governmental services corporation.

So, those entrusted to act as public servants instead acted as public hogs and placed false claims against the American nation-states and the American People. And our parents and grandparents were so trusting they didn’t catch on.

Year after year, they toiled away, paying debts for crooks—-debts they never owed. They didn’t even get a thank you for it. The perpetrators snuck off with their buddies in the Beltway and snickered to themselves and patted themselves on the back and sucked up and siphoned off the wealth of America while sending our young men and women off to war for profits—and not even profits for themselves, but profits for the perpetrators of these abuses.

So they stole our names and bankrupted them and now, they’ve lost all record of them.

You have to go back to court and do an adult name change from FELIX MORTON MORGANTHAU back to Felix Morton Morganthau.

Even worse, they’ve done the same thing with the States.

Where does this bunko stop? Where in the name of Jesus does it end?

You have to adopt your own given Name and then you have to seize upon and reconvey the bogus franchise trust NAMES, too. And Expatriate them. And bring suit against the rats in the proper venue.

And you have to do this to save yourselves and your country.

Do you hate this situation yet? Do you feel betrayed yet?

You’ve been subjected to the greatest fraud and identity theft in human history and the people you have relied upon to protect you and your interests and paid well to do so—- are the ones that have done this to you and yours.

If you aren’t righteously angry enough to get up off your couch and start talking and walking, too, then I don’t know what I can say to you.

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