Once More Into the Gap

Anna von Reitz
October 9, 2016


Once More Into the Gap

We are currently engaged at every level— international, national, state, and county. Each and every one of these levels requires skilled personnel and funding. There is no way for us to do this, but to do it ourselves.

So, here we are.

This week I and my immediate group of commercial commandos have met with several representatives of Historic Trust interests. Most of these Trustees are Americans who are ready and willing to help rebuild America. We are, also, obviously, reclaiming the Historic Trusts that are owed to the actual states of the Union in addition to reclaiming Treaty Trusts that are owed to our people and to our states.

Pursuant to that we have also spoken to members of the GCR Committee which has taken over supervision of the Vatican Bank and to key members of the Vatican Chancery Court.

More meetings are scheduled for this coming week, more travel, more expense, more negotiations worth trillions of dollars. More legal filings and land recordings to make in behalf of the states, each major filing costing $1600. You are all welcome to do the math and search your conscience.

We are doing the work for free and we are doing it for all the states. So far, by the grace of God, we’ve had enough money to do it all, but not without digging deep into every back pocket and skating the edge every step of the way. Your continued support and donations are proving crucial to success.

Back home in the states, the need to educate and organize and develop sufficient enforcement for the Public and Organic Law remains urgent. We have over nine millions Continental Marshals to train, organize, and ultimately, fund. Keep in mind that this is being done by the boot-strap method throughout. No foreign interests are funding us.

The 50 States Claim has been fully stated and lodged in the international commercial system and brought forward in the correct international jurisdiction venues, but it remains for us to fully restore the organic states owed to the land jurisdiction and re-convey all the property interests owed to them.

The Foreclosure Fraud research has been mind-blowing, revealing a fully mechanized cradle-to-grave system designed to delude, defraud, falsely indebt, infringe upon, and deprive you of your rights, your protections, your property, and your copyrights. Like peeling an onion, each step reveals another layer and the complexity of the whole fraud deepens and widens, encompassing every form of identity, property interest, and subject matter imaginable.

Your right to travel has been infringed. Your marriages have been redefined as corporate partnerships — and the “STATES” have cut themselves in on the deal, claiming an ownership interest in the products— your children. These evils have got to be fully exposed and addressed as the crimes they are. Your own identity has been stolen and replaced with a corporate doppelganger; your honorable Trade Name has been bankrupted under false pretenses and left as a “disregarded entity” adrift on the international sea of commerce.

Ending the Foreclosure Fraud entails ending the entire process of corporate enclosure and entailment that three generations of despicably dishonest Undeclared Foreign Agents—Bar Attorneys and bankers— have put in place as a means to pillage and plunder the public and private property assets of Americans.

The entire world owes us debts that can literally never be repaid.

Sorting this mess out is going to require calm, determined, and resolute minds and an iron-clad sense of purpose. Walking through this maze is not unlike walking through a hall of mirrors. Everything has to be researched and questioned. Nothing can be taken for granted. The perpetrators of this fraud have employed a system of “mirroring” so that everything and anything of value or importance is known by at least two very similar names, for example, the Economic Stability Fund v. Exchange Stability Fund, either one of which can be abbreviated “ESF”.

They have also purposefully sought to confuse the identities of one thing for another — for example, the foreign-owned governmental services corporation franchise doing business as the STATE OF IOWA has been self-interestedly mistaken and confused for the Iowa State, the actual state owed the land jurisdiction of Iowa.

In all our actions we have aimed at a peaceful and practical resolution, the release and return of our public and private property assets, and the restoration and ultimate reform of our government. There are many pathways to these ends and we are in the process of choosing the proper means to proceed as best we may.

The Articles of Confederation 1781 still stand, and so do our counties and states. The reorganization that should have taken place in the wake of the Civil War is finally taking place now. By standing and working together now, we can finally put the ugly issues of slavery and debt to rest, for ourselves and the rest of the world.

To this end we have committed ourselves and called forth the trumpet that “shall never call retreat”. Americans must now marshal their resources public and private to provide for their own self-governance, well-being and defense and for the support of their states and their joint interests abroad.

I urge each of you to get involved and be prepared for whatever comes and I ask those that can donate to the efforts of our researchers and non-Bar Attorneys to step to the plate and do so. Donations can be sent to my attention: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Post Office Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652 or forwarded directly through PayPal in care of: avannavon@gmail.com.

Every penny is needed and put to good use to pay for filing fees, court actions, correspondences, certified copies of records, postage, copying and printing, office supplies, utility bills, and as possible to pay the travel and other expenses of those members of our team who have given up their careers as Bar Attorneys in order to assist or who are otherwise too poor to be able to do the work they are engaged in without support.

We’ve come a long way in a short time, but a great deal more needs to be done and done quickly to ensure the rebirth of our actual Republic instead of a repeat of the same old fraud and a Republic in Name Only being palmed off on us. So I ask you all to stay alert, think, read, and take no wooden nickels.

Draw the line between the British-controlled “United States” and the States United—- and make it stick.

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