Advantages of Just Saying — “No!” — and Boycotting the Election

Anna von Reitz
October 4, 2016


Advantages of Just Saying — “No!” — and Boycotting the Election

In a few weeks Americans will be asked to choose between Hillary and Donald.

This is like being asked to choose between Capone and Gambizi.

No matter what you do, it’s wrong.

I stopped voting years ago when I realized that their foreign corporation made it a crime for me (or any other American State National) to vote in their elections as of 1868. Read the 14th Amendment. Read it carefully.

Nine million Americans were disenfranchised at that time, including my Great-Grandparents and Grandparents.

It’s a good thing I wised up and rescinded my “Voter Registration” because it is one of the major adhesion contracts they use to claim that you are a “United States Citizen” or a “citizen of the United States” and subject to every whim and demand they care to make.

If you really want to be free and stand in honor, you can’t vote in their elections for the simple reason that it is a foreign corporation. What business does a Spaniard have electing Irishmen? None, right?

And why would you want to vote in their elections? Oh, you can say that the results impact the direction of the administration and so on, but that doesn’t really ring true either, because none of the votes people cast for the Office of President count.

You don’t actually elect the President. The Electoral College does. All your votes amount to is a popularity poll.

So you are giving up your freedom and obligating yourself to obey every federal and federated “state” code and statute and are willing to pay whatever taxes they impose, all for the honor of voting in a straw poll? Really?

Exit Stage Left, rapidly, without looking back.

Don’t waste your time, your money, or your energy. Don’t imagine that you can do anything to change the outcome of the election or even actually participate.

These elections like all elections in my lifetime are a sideshow, a carnival event that wastes billions of dollars and only God knows how many hours of labor by how many people, all to convince you that these elections are real when they aren’t, to convince you that you have a choice, when you don’t, and to entrap you into “voting” and providing evidence against your own claim to be free people instead of British-Subject or slaves owned as chattel by the British Crown.

I am sorry to break everyone’s bubble—–again, but these things posing as our national elections are actually just private foreign corporate elections. They have nothing to do with us or our actual government which is owed the air, land, and still part of the sea jurisdiction of this country.

That they have been hired and allowed under a delegation of our powers to railroad us and abuse our trust and rule over our foreign policy for 150 years is a travesty against both justice and reason. The egregious crimes of the banking cartels these baboons have welcomed and fostered speak for themselves.

Don’t be “dumb, driven cattle” goaded from one bad choice to the other and assume that you “have to vote” because you are a good American. In fact, if you are a good American, you owe it to yourself, your country, and your own good sense and honor not to vote and not to vote with a vengeance, to not vote proudly, to purposefully, gladly, and with gusto NOT vote.

The day is coming when you will be able to vote in actual honest elections again, county, state, and national. Wait for that and work for that, and just say “No!” to this pernicious all-engulfing bribe-fest and media extravaganza. Your day to elect people to actual public office is coming and then it will mean something again and be a true duty again. Until then, it’s just more crappola.

There is one other truly compelling reason not to vote. When you make a choice for a bad man or woman to serve in an office and they do terrible things, you share in the guilt and you inevitably find yourself making excuses of the “well, I didn’t have any other reasonable choice” kind.

But you do have a reasonable choice. Just say, “No!” As your vote doesn’t actually count anyway, all you’ve got to lose is the guilt of being involved in a phony election process and the responsibility of choosing one of two bad options.

Judge Anna

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