Postscript to “A Plague of Hopelessly Inept Demands and Declarations”—

Anna von Reitz

October 27, 2016

Postscript to “A Plague of Hopelessly Inept Demands and Declarations”—

I said something that wasn’t quite correct in the prior post — “A Plague of Hopelessly Inept Demands and Declarations”— because I didn’t touch on things that happened after the time period we were discussing when the “United States of America” first reared its head.

I said that there was no country called “United States of America” and no National Trust established under that name, and at the time period we were talking about, that is true—- but circa 1900-1904, that changed.

The Insular States and District of Columbia joined together to form a country called “United States of America”, sometimes referred to as “United States of America (Minor)” early last century.

The United States of America (Minor) is populated by United States Citizens who are all British Subjects operating as a democracy. The Island of Puerto Rico has opted to be a Commonwealth within this union of “American states”.

The United States of America Minor has a land jurisdiction represented by the ten square miles of the District of Columbia and the land holdings of the Insular Island “states” that are part of this separate and foreign country.

It’s “citizens” are allowed to roam freely around the fifty American states as “residents” here to provide essential government services.

To serve their “citizens” who are “residents” here they have set up their “State of State” franchises, which are all foreign states with respect to us.

The “State of Florida” is a corporate franchise of the old United States of America.

The “STATE OF FLORIDA” is a corporate franchise of the UNITED STATES, INC.,

And all of these so-called “inchoate” corporate franchise “states” are foreign with respect to you and your organic states of the Union. Literally foreign.

So also are the people functioning as either “United States Citizens” or as “citizens of the United States” —– all technically foreigners, all either presumed to be federal or “federated state” employees, or federal dependents— and operating under foreign law and in foreign jurisdictions with respect to you and your actual, factual states of the Union.

So, yes, Virginia—and Ron— there is now a country called the United States of America (Minor) and it has a seat of government in the District of Columbia which is defined as the “State of New Columbia” for the purposes of the “union” formed by the “American states” that are part of the United States of America (Minor).

And I trust that the magnitude of the confusion and corruption caused by all this abuse of deceptively similar names is now becoming painfully apparent, along with the outrages and usurpations and disservice we American State Nationals have suffered because of it.

And this somewhat alters some of the presumptions that MIGHT be made with regard to the proliferation of Demands and Declarations that are pouring forth all of a sudden.

From what I am reading I surmise that most, if not all, of these heartfelt diatribes are coming from disoriented American State Nationals operating under false assumptions of citizenship and being part of the “United States of America”—– but it could be possible that at least some of this is coming from people who truly understand that they are “United States Citizens” living in the inchoate states of the United States of America, Inc.—-and who are fed up with it.

But in either case, it still presents itself as people who have no standing to complain against their employers—-just different groups doing the same thing.

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