The Heart of the Heart of the Conundrum

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12405-judge2banna  Judge Anna von Reitz

Here it is. “The” reason that there is, and without extreme independent effort, the reason that there cannot be a peace treaty ending the Civil War, then or now.

The Articles of Confederation (1781) attempted to create a “perpetual Union” of states, but by Nature, it is not given to mankind or any human institution to declare anything “perpetual”. In 1860, when the Southern States walked out, the original Confederation was broken, dissolved, because no lawful contract exists absent consent.

The Southern States then reconvened and created The Articles of Confederacy, something the Northern States never did.

So when the Union States won, there was no “Union” in effect, except the one created by The Articles of Confederacy.

This then sets up a true Catch-22. The Confederate States of America (CSA) has to win the war, or there is no “Union” to win it.

And that is why no peace treaty has been possible for 150 years. This is our Gordian Knot to cleave through.

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