The NEW WORLD ORDER of the Elite Financial Families is HERE!

Watch this view of Moscow Russia, as seen from the heavens!


This is a very interesting video, it is just one example showing the modern skyscrapers in Moscow Russia.  This is proof positive that the predators (who want to be called the elite and are the top financial families) have already created a new world order where the cultures of most every country have been adulterated with the elite’s view of what the new world order should be… gasoline cars, neon signs, and media being used to alter and control people turning them into “persons” that they can feed off-of (speaking both financially and fleshly).  If there is a war, it will be like WWII which was used by these elite predators to demolition decaying infrastructure to rebuild it – controlled demolition.  In addition, they want to use this controlled demolition (war) to reduce the population because the billions of people threaten them and they no longer need as many slaves as before. If we are to delay the end and the return of Yeshua with a rebirth in America, we as a people must resist the forces and media disinformation pushing for war.  If the elite predators (many now living in Europe and China having moved from America) have their way, they will manage a war that will reduce the populations of America and other countries while destroying the decayed infrastructure to build a more modern replacement that will benefit them. 

Sometime soon they will launch their attack on heaven – especially as the threats from the people waking up to the Predators’ crimes and future-plans continue to be implemented.   I think this attack is close, based on the visits to Antarctica and the increasing number of people coming to see what Babylon (the systems of this world) really is – corporations with no accountability accumulation of money with no regard to the welfare of the people…a system that the elite have been operating since ancient Babylon came on the scene… the predators of the past have reproduced the predators of today – the same parasites only having new names… but the corrupted genetic stock is still the same… psychopaths (messed up thinking where they enjoy the suffering of other people they think they are better than)  and slave owners who are full of themselves thinking they are better than others.  These are the ones that Yeshua will exterminate at His return.

 We are already in the new world order fully and financially … it isn’t coming, it came by stealth white we watched the Simpsons and fake news, while the people fought among themselves about “race” provoked to do so by the media of magazines, TV, radio, movies, etc.,, and every other diversion the predators could think of to keep the people occupied while the financial infrastructure and the political structure were built, using the means of technology, by these ugly and inhuman parasites.   Just as most people today think America is the “land of the free” – how ridiculous!  The stupor and mental and spiritual drunkenness is lifting and people are becoming aware the theft of their country and world.  These parasitical criminals used every trick in the book from dumbing down the children and destroying marriage and the family to destroying belief in God replacing that belief with the Gospel of Evolution and corrupted theoretical science (as opposed to operational science). 

— allen joseph stein

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