Who Benefits, Or….Stop Being Stupid Part 6

JUDGE Anna von Reitz
December 17 at 1:16am ·


For those who have been following along, it must eventually occur to them to ask: well, then, who or what is the real enemy?

If Britain and the Holy See—which were supposed to be our Trustees and Allies— are actually our enemies, then who are our friends? The Russians? The Chinese?


If you think about it, the American Dream is decidedly different and decidedly at odds with the Divine Right of Kings and Papal Supremacy.

That’s why the Monarchs and the Holy See acted in Breach of Trust and secretively signed the Treaty of Verona.

We actually have much more in common with the Communist philosophy and government. They enshrine the supremacy of the Workers. We enshrine the supremacy of the People.

Workers and people, are they not the same thing, only seen with a slightly different colored lens? One focuses on the productive capacity and virtue of people acting as workers, while the other is more expansive and embraces the concept of valuing people even if they can’t perform work.

It was, and it is, to the advantages of the European aristocracy and the Holy See to create tension and conflict between the Americans and the Russians and the Chinese. By doing so, they ensure their own security and position as power brokers behind the scenes and keep the three largest organizations from joining forces.

So when you hear a lot of loose talk and accusations against the Russians, what do you think? The old European Monarchies are lipping off again, hoping that we ignore their false claims, presumptions, and theft of your property at the same time they try to engender fights between us and the Russians and the Chinese.

Tell the Monarchists to go home and soak their heads. We haven’t come so far, for so long, to be misguided again. Look sharp at who is talking and what they may gain from spreading gossip and fear and keeping the Russians and the Chinese and the Americans apart.

Why, if we all became friends and respected our various systems of government, there would be little or no reason to go to war ever again. And where would the Harpies and the fear-mongers and arms dealers and purveyors of war supplies be?

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