Easy Eddie O’Hare’s Legacy, Or, Stop Being Stupid

Anna von Reitz
December 14, 2016


Easy Eddie O’Hare’s Legacy, Or, Stop Being Stupid

Al Capone’s bookkeeper was a very talented and engaging young accountant named Easy Eddie O’Hare. Easy Eddie gave us O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, thanks to his war hero son. And he gave us the system of accounting that he designed for Big Al, via the FBI and IRS, and later adopted by the Government Accounting Office in 1946.

This is officially called “Double Entry Accrual Bookkeeping” or more commonly, “keeping two sets of books”.

The IRS and FBI found out about this nifty trick accounting when they were investigating —- and prosecuting —- Al Capone. They liked it so much that the “Government of the United States” officially adopted it following the Second World War.

The concept is simple. Split the “streams of income” into budgeted and non-budgeted categories. Then present only the budgeted amount for public notice and discussion. People will naturally assume that the budgeted amount is all there is and not ask about the non-budgeted income—-which becomes a giant secret slush fund.

That’s what happens every year at every level of government. A budget is proposed and seconded and everyone gives all their attention to the amount budgeted and everyone assumes that that is all there is to discuss, the only money available.

But let’s pretend you are a miser, and even though you have 20 million in income every year, you decide to live on $50,000….. over the course of the year, you have to spend $55,000, which gives you a “five thousand dollar deficit” to moan about. If people don’t know you have all the rest of your untouched fortune sitting in the bank, they will feel sorry for you and assume that you are in financial difficulty because of this “budget deficit”. Fooled by your false “dilemma” people might even be willing to let you tax them some more.

It’s the same way with the poor-mouthing rats in DC and in your state capitols, too.

They talk endlessly about budget deficits, but never a whisper about what is actually in the bank or investment house being played with by politicians and their buddies, the (slush) fund managers.

In the same way they talk about “The National Debt” and seek to give people the idea that there is some gigantic, overwhelming $20 trillion dollar debt hanging over our heads—– when in fact, in a fiat debt-credit monetary system— no such thing is possible. Any “National Debt” is instantly offset by an answering “National Credit”.

So all that palaver about “The National Debt” is just Shinola, and that big automated screen with the rapidly moving numbers counting up “The National Debt”? More Shinola.

And the truly interesting question is—- how are they endeavoring to hide or deny the existence of the National Credit? Who is trying to steal it?


All this “creative accounting” going on in the State Capitols and in DC has reached a fever pitch, but more and more people are waking up and asking the embarrassing questions, such as—- why aren’t you replenishing the Social Security Trust Accounts?

There is plenty of money to do it, socked away in Public Employee Pension Funds and Public Employee Association Investment Funds and “External Investments Funds” and “Mental Health Trust Funds” and every other kind of speciously labeled fund name and title you can imagine.

And there is more money rat-holed away as unspent obligations and apportionments—- money that Congress and various “State of _____Legislatures” set aside from the public purse in prior year budgets and never actually spent, so that these allocations just sit there for years and years gathering interest. More slush on top of slush.

These are commonly called “Internal Investment Funds” because they came out of budgeted money, while “External Investment Funds” are derived from unbudgeted slush fund income and income streams that never see the light of day.

The take home message to you is to stop being stupid. Ask the hard questions— let’s see the accounting, boys? The real stuff. All of it.

Stop believing this tripe about “National Debts” that aren’t offset by “National Credits”.

Stop listening to this bull poopy about “budget deficits” and stop feeling sorry for the poor-mouthing politicians who are just setting you up to steal more of your money.

Obviously, for the rats to be able to track their own slush funds and to make sure all the kick-backs are working properly, there has to be a real accounting somewhere—- and a few years back, a mild-mannered commodities broker from Arizona found it all buried in what the various units of government call The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

Thanks to this one man, Walter Burien, and to accountants who actually knew Easy Eddie, we now know the truth. And so do you.

So stop debating, discussing or even thinking about ‘how to meet’ any ‘budget deficit’ and start asking instead — where’s the money, honey?

Please take the time to listen and learn from Walter Burien and his team:

The CAFR Swindle – The Biggest Game In Town
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pRPBKJQnyU (14:59) set to HD
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