The Old World Order, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part Two

Anna von Reitz

December 14, 2016


The Old World Order, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part Two

Our actual government is in tatters. It is hanging on by a ragged thread. It exists mostly at the township and county levels and even those bulwarks are being undermined and downplayed and “enclosed” legally by “Councils of County Governments”.

If we don’t wake to hell up and tend to our own knitting—- there won’t be any knitting to tend, no Republic left. Our enemies will claim that there are no actual American state nationals left. They will point at all the bogus paper records and say—- all these people are United States Citizens or citizens of the United States….. there’s nobody left. All the American state nationals are dead…..their governments, the actual sovereign states and their land jurisdiction governments like the Wisconsin state and the Wisconsin State are no longer populated, no longer funded, no longer staffed by anyone.

And then they will claim that everything that belonged to our grandparents is “abandoned property without known heirs” and they will claim that they have established “exclusive legislative jurisdiction” over us, and they will take over and that will be that. We will be serfs serving the New World Order—-which is just a name for the Old World Order wearing new suits.

Their “new” order is nothing by feudalism imposed via legal chicanery. What’s new about that? Gangs of thugs pushing other gangs of thugs around, and sending out tax and bill collectors to rape and pillage the people is older than Rome and Nottingham.

Our government requires us to claim our political status as birthright American state nationals: Wisconsinites, Virginians, Californians, Montanans…..

Our government requires that we enforce the actual Constitution for the united States of America, not stupidly accept a bogus corporate charter “as if” it was the treaty and contract owed to us and our progeny.

Our government requires us to organize and assemble as jural assemblies in every county of the land.

Our government requires us to operate those counties on the land to form the lawful government of our sovereign state—- for example, the Wisconsin State, not the State of Wisconsin, not the WISCONSIN STATE, which are nothing but fictional entities.

Our government requires knowledge and participation and organization of the people, by the people, and for the people.

And, by the way, the word “people” is Hebrew for “militia”. Nothing else.

Our government requires us to “self-govern”—– not rent-a-government from France or from England.

Our government is designed to be an outward reflection of our own innermost government of ourselves.

The judicial branch is supposed to reflect our conscience, and the legislature is supposed to reflect our reasoning mind, and the executive branch is supposed to reflect our will. And just as we exercise all three to govern our selves, our government is meant to govern our nation.

Instead, we’ve got a federal rent-a-government operation on our shores pretending to be us and pretending to “represent us” as our agents.

They have stolen our identity and our credit and left us to pay their bills.

They are nothing but criminals.

So, folks, we’ve had the International Monetary Fund doing business as the UNITED STATES, INC. charging us for all sorts of services we never ordered and spending our credit into oblivion and committing our sons and daughters to wars for profit ……and we have had the Federal Reserve doing business as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC., printing our money and stealing us blind —- and you still think that that THING in Washington, DC is our government?

You think that if we get a different central bank to spawn another governmental services corporation under a new name and “call it” our government, it is going to be our government?

Wake to glory up!

That’s their government (federal territorial) and THEIR government (federal municipal)—– not our government. By definition.

The “federal government” has been run by the Brits since Day One. It is populated by “inhabitants” who “reside” on our shores—- loyal subjects to the Queen known as “United States Citizens” and also loyal subjects to the British Crown known as “citizens of the United States”.

Want to know how we got a Kenyan for “President”? Why Obummer doesn’t have to be “natural born” here? It’s because he isn’t our President.

We haven’t elected a President since 1860 and its our own damned fault.

The King of England changed hats and conveniently pretended that because he changed hats he was no longer obligated to act as our Trustee on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways.

That ruse didn’t work (War of 1812) so then he pretended that we knowingly and willingly agreed to subject ourselves to him and his dominion as Monarch and to live in our own country as mere “inhabitants” in exchange for “benefits” that we pay for ourselves as “donations” to the Public Charitable Trust established for the relief of poor Negro Plantation slaves displaced by the Civil War.

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

So now when all these groups appear out of nowhere claiming to “be” the rightful lawful government owed to us, I say—- to Hell you Beller!

Have you taught the people the meaning and importance of their political status? Have you helped them declare their proper status as American state nationals and change the public and international records to reflect it?

No, none of them have done that. Not a whisper from any of them.

Have you organized jural assemblies in each of the 3100 counties and educated the county sheriffs about the difference between peacekeeping and law enforcement?

No, none of them have done that, either.

Have you further organized those county jural assemblies to operate as lawful land jurisdiction State governments?

Nope, not a finger lifted.

So what are these numerous groups all claiming to “be” our government?


Because in order to be our government, people must be educated, must be given full disclosure, must freely choose their political status, must record that status, must form jural assemblies, must elect their county justices of the peace, their sheriffs on the land, their assemblymen, their fiduciary deputies—– all of it must be built and done, and not one of these supposed “national” organizations has done diddly to accomplish the job.

They may indeed represent “a” nation, but it isn’t our nation— and certainly not our fifty separate nation-states.

Let me repeat— our government flows from the bottom up, from each one of us to our township, our county, our state and then our state delegates a small portion of power to the federal government—engaging it as a subcontractor to provide nineteen enumerated services in international jurisdiction, period.

Our government does not operate in the reverse order, from the federal government down to the little subjected, subservient slave-serf at the bottom of the great inverted federal pyramid.

Again, it may be a government, but it is not our government.

So all these groups seeking to replace merely the “federal government” are in fact either (1) grossly ignorant or (2) more foreign interlopers trying to lay false claims against us and our assets.

And in either case, I have no cause or reason to stand mildly by and not object.

The government of FRANCE, that is, the French Central Bank, that is, Jacob Rothschild— has fronted Le Neu Republique and for now, it is functioning and providing the services it needs to provide.

That doesn’t mean its our government. That doesn’t mean that any organization like it can be our government.

As I said yesterday, exercising the rights of a sovereign is not the same as being a sovereign.

The “federal government” has exercised nineteen of the powers owed to the sovereign states and people of this country under delegation. It has exercised those rights naturally belonging to us, but it is not a sovereign government with respect to us— and our relationship to it is not that of “citizens” or subjects.

The Central Bankers and the Pope and the British Monarch and the Lord Mayor of London and all the other Party Hearties responsible for this mess need to get their mitts off our names, estates, copyrights, trademarks, trust accounts, public utilities and everything else naturally belonging to us—and stop pretending that any of their manufactured-out-of-thin-air governmental services corporations are our government.

Le Neu Republique is what it is, and for my money, at least it is competent and not — after a few initial forays to test the water —- trying to pretend to be anything it is not.

“The United States of America” is, so far as I can see, making a lot of half-baked claims. It may be well-intentioned or it may not, but the facts are the facts. Keith Livingway is not the Trustee of the land jurisdiction owed to the United States and the name “The United States of America” that everyone is trying to set such store by is just a defunct business name.

“The Republic for the united States of America” is trying to replace one gang composed of imposters posing as lawful public officials with another gang of unelected “representatives” which is probably even worse.

The Unity States of America appears to be a strange New Age paramilitary organization whose members believe that all our problems can be solved via the proper use of grammar— but nobody can understand what they are saying, so it hardly matters.

The Union States is yet another organization that has made some impressive filings internationally and which seems to be serious about conducting its business in a responsible fashion, but I have yet to see or test their basis for claiming that the Southern States have been reconstituted and voluntarily rejoined the Union of sovereign states and reaffirmed the Articles of Confederation (1781).

Last, but not least—-not as a competitor, but as an advocate, I am standing for the Old Republic— the only actual Republic there is or has ever been, vested entirely and completely in the people of these fifty sovereign nation states and in the jural assemblies they use to organize their governmental business and form courts, counties, and state governments.

The people create the jural assemblies, the courts, the counties, the states—- and the states have created the federal government.

Just as no creation is greater than its creator, the federal government is not greater than the state governments that created it. And no state government is greater than the county governments that gave it life. And no county government transcends its townships and parishes.

Absolutely none of these organizations are greater than the jural assemblies and the actual people giving rise to them.

We rely upon this principle of nature as law and as truth as self-evident as falling rain and I assert that the sovereignty of my nation and my nation state known as the Wisconsin state, is vested in me as one of the free, sovereign, and independent people of the United States, owed all friendship, honor, and service from every level of government operating in this country—including that of the foreign territorial and municipal governments that operate here under commercial contract and treaty.

Under our law and our government every man and woman is the sovereign of themselves and possessor of their own castle however humble it may be. Those who forget these precious principles forget who they are, and who we are, to the endangerment of peace and against the honorable purposes of law.

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