U.S. and Korea have a lot in common … yep, we are controlled…


A very good analysis by the Health Ranger.   The world is the same… country by country… the same bastards who like to be called the “elite” are in charge – the few elite families are already the masters of the world – they work through the Vatican and the major corporations (including banks) to control everything with the invisible force of money – money is the spirit of Babylon the Great – the ancient control systems. EVERY city worldwide looks the same, same architecture and same outdated oil-based technology.   They (the assholes at the top of the pyramid scheme of the ancient world order, now called the new world order) are destroying the beautiful cultures of people and replaced them with plastic, aluminum, and the doctrines of science (falsely called) … even worse most of the world thinks they evolved and don’t even know where they live, deception has permeated everything and everyone to some extent,   We live each day to be less deceived and more connected to the Creator, and we will have eternal life so we can come to know the one true God – Yehovah Yeshua and Yehovah our Heavenly Father.


The unlearner today is the pioneer of the world tomorrow.  Unlearning and finding the truth, (God’s Word is the basis of truth) is how we come out of Babylon and find true and perfect peace (the peace that comes through our connection with the heavenly LAN and WAN and is perfect and passing all understanding.


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