The Trading Companies

Anna von Reitz

The Trading Companies, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 13

There are some very important things never taught in school. How to be a good parent is one of them. Another is the Great Frenzy that occurred in the very early 1700’s. And another is the truth about the so-called “American Civil War”.

In the late 1600’s the Church lost control — temporarily — of the vast amounts of Spanish gold and silver purloined out of Central and South America during the previous two centuries. The unthinkable happened when the Laws of Supply and Demand kicked in and gold and silver were devalued by market forces just like any other glut on a commodity.

At precisely this moment when gold and silver were grossly, if momentarily, devalued— another very odd and important thing happened.

The Dutch East India Trading Company disappeared. The largest and richest and by far the most successful international trading company on Earth — with more wealth, more ships, more warehouses, more cargo tonnage under transport than all the British Crown Trading Companies put together— simply vanished overnight, like the Templars and Phoenicians before them. Poof and gone.

Back then it was still possible to sail over the horizon and disappear, but such a massive commercial operation could hardly do so without leaving a paper trail that leads straight to Westminster and from there to New York in the United States.

The Dutch East India Trading Company paid the British for free egress to our shores and paid them handsomely. Names like Vanderbilt and Rockefeller and Roosevelt came ashore. The kingpins of the Dutch East India Trading Company then deployed their ill-gotten profits gained from stiffing their creditors and paid a cut to the British Crown.

The greed of the British Crown eventually wore thin on this arrangement and the American Revolution was the result. The oldest and most powerful trading companies went head to head for eight years and in the end nothing much was resolved. A lot of Americans died and the American people and their estates were saddled with the cost of this contest, a new and supposedly better government was declared, and life went on.

The Roman Pontiff had meanwhile regained control of the Spanish gold and silver and sequestered it away in family trusts bearing the names of Conquistadors: Rodriguez, Santiago, D’Avila….and the list goes on. All this gold and silver was the wealth of private individuals and their heirs, but it was guarded and parceled out by Church Trustees who were careful to restrict access to the funds except for credit—- thus manipulating supply and increasing the value of gold and silver by restricting it.

The heirs and beneficiaries had no complaints, as they had all the credit in the world, and their assets safely socked away out of circulation steadily gained value. The Church became fat and then fatter on its share of the profit from this and became more involved in worldly affairs and commodity market manipulations and insurances scams and other profit-making schemes.

By 1819 the Americans had gotten wind that the British King had secretly issued Letters of Marque against them and had issued privateer licenses to members of the Bar Associations. The states ratified an Amendment to the original Constitution putting teeth into a prohibition that had always been part of the agreement, forbidding people in possession of foreign Titles of Nobility (such as Esquire) from holding public office in our government.

Despite this, Abraham Lincoln, an Esquire and a Bar Member, was elected President in 1860. He could not hold the public office, but he could hold the private office of “President” acting as CEO of the United States (Trading Company). Most Americans were none the wiser and in those days there was no internet.

Our Great-Grandparents were fed horse hooey and suckered along, promised the end of Negro slavery, when in fact what the perpetrators secretly proposed was to enslave everyone in a modern system of commercial feudalism that was engineered in Great Britain by Benjamin D’Israeli as a means to fund the Raj in India and vastly increase the wealth and political power of Queen Victoria. A century and a half later the vermin are still at it and using the slave labor of one nation, ours, to enslave others.

In March 1861 the Southern States walked out of Congress and in so doing destroyed the original union created by the Articles of Confederation (1781). They promptly wrote their own articles and re-created a union of Confederate States of America. To this day, it is the only actual and lawful union of sovereign states left standing on this continent.

The Northern States under Lincoln quickly devolved into a military dictatorship. Lincoln assumed the role of Commander-in-Chief and ordered the members of Congress back into session. They still serve at the President’s pleasure and the long slide into darkness and corruption began.

The two old rivals, the remnants of the Dutch East India Trading Company, and the British Crown went head to head a second time, as the United States and the United States of America, respectively.

At this point we note another necessary, nasty truth that is never taught in school.

There was in fact no such thing as the American Civil War.

There is no declaration starting the conflict and no peace treaty ending it. What we euphemistically call the “American Civil War” or “War of Secession” was in fact an illegal commercial mercenary war for profit staged on our shores by two foreign commercial companies vying for control of our commerce and our natural resources.

This time, the Brits nominally won, with the South left in ruins and the North left in bankruptcy and the American people and their states saddled again with the expense of the conflict.

Ever since 1860 this country and the American people have been the prey and the victims of British overlords disguised in judge’s robes and the nice suits of “trustees” working the biggest racketeering scam in human history.

We have been literally enslaved in the “Land of the Free” for 150 years and forced to pay off the costs of two World Wars, plus the cost of rebuilding Europe and Japan —- and all under the rankest conditions of fraud and deceit and non-disclosure practiced against us by successive British Monarchs— men and women who were all obligated by the most solemn treaties to act as our Trustees on the High Seas and Inland Waterways.

You will never guess how they did it.

By copyright infringement, trademark enclosures, and deceptively similar names deceits.

When Franklin Delano Roosevelt came to power in 1932 he ascended the throne of a dictatorial foreign military government that was already well-established as the Bully Boy Muscle for British Big Mouths—-and all at American expense.

By the time he left office, the vassal “Congress” had formally granted him over 350 new powers never established under any constitution, enabling him to rule America all by himself. The actual states of the union had been bankrupted by assumption—- a process of “hypothecating” debt against them in collusion with foreign creditors, and millions of innocent Americans had been conscripted, enslaved, and “enfranchised”—- all for “the war effort”, of course.

But the wars didn’t end and American industry was never re-tooled for peace. The British overlords now working in collusion with their former Dutch enemies to mutually prey upon the Americans kept us in a perpetual and bloody war for profit all over the globe. Their respective Team Storefronts, the Republicans and the Democrats, had already become a joke by the end of World War II with the returning G.I.’s smirking and saying, “Yeah, they select ’em and we elect ’em. Two different flavors of puke.”

It would take several more major bloody conflicts in Korea, Vietnam, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and innumerable smaller police actions worldwide before Americans would begin to wake up and smell the rot.

Absolutely everything that has gone on in this country since at least 1860 has been the result of fraud and force and con jobs from people who are supposed to be here on our shores providing us with stipulated governmental services in Good Faith and who have no other legitimate excuse for being here, period.

For those unlearned in law, fraud taints everything it touches. Fraud “vitiates” the most solemn contracts and agreements and treaties. It renders everything proceeding from it null and void, as if it never existed.

Everything—absolutely everything— that has happened in this country since Lincoln has been tainted by fraud.

There is no Lieber Code. No Reconstruction Acts. No War Powers Act. No Military Districts. No rewritten State Constitutions. No Trading With the Enemy Act. No Federal Reserve. No enfranchisement. No District of Columbia Municipal Corporation. No Income Tax. No Fourteenth Amendment. No “Constitution of the United States of America” published in 1868. No Insular Tariff Cases. No 350 new “presidential powers”. No Executive Orders. No Territorial Jurisdiction. No Municipal Corporations Act. No Lawful Declaration of War in World War I or II. No Bretton Woods. No Camp David. No Government Agencies. No EPA. No FBI. No IRS. No DHS. No mandatory vaccinations. No RFID chips. No National Debt. No mortgages. No valid foreclosures. No Marriage Licenses. No Driver Licenses. No “State” Statutes published under any private copyright. No Federal Code since 1860. No Uniform Commercial Code. No Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. No National Parks. No vast holdings of “Federal Lands” in any western state.

Toss it all in the garbage can, good and bad. And while we are at it, we might as well toss all the control mechanisms like the “Two Party System” and the monopolized foreign mainstream media, too.

The only courts having anything to do with us and our assets are Postal District Courts run by our own state jural societies operating in international jurisdiction and national courts run by our own jural assemblies in land-based counties and states. The only valid federal laws are the United States Statutes at Large. The only valid state laws are those formulated prior to 1860. There are in fact no new states that have been added to the union since 1860— all the western states except California and Texas have merely existed as “states in waiting”, promised all the rights and prerogatives of a state without actually being enrolled.

And, no, we don’t have to wait for someone to decide any of this for us. We just have to fix the judges and the police with an icy stare and share the information. And get busy forming our own jural assemblies and jural societies and setting up our own lawful courts and running our own counties and operating our actual states again.

The moment we realize that the American Civil War was an illegal private mercenary action, we realize that everything that proceeded from it is fraudulent, and the game is over. All that remains is what has to remain— the American military on watch. The rest is ours to decide, to shape and amend and transcend as we must.

As for the “UNITED STATES” and “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and the “UNITED KINGDOM” and all the rest of the criminally complicit corporate governments? When what is true comes, what is false must pass away.

That is the actual law and the only law that counts.

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