Long Ago and Far Away

Anna von Reitz

January 12, 2017

Long Ago and Far Away, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 18

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Religion plays into the discussion because our law derives directly from our religious and ethical values. Period.

The last few posts I have revealed the (apparently) astounding news that there are different kinds of law and they all stem from different religions. Why is that so amazing to so many people?

The Maritime and Admiralty Law of the Sea is linked to Satanic pagan religions and goes back before the Flood–the reason these are sometimes called the Noahide Laws. The most recent overhaul and update of these laws occurred in Rome circa the 200 BC, which is the reason they are also often referred to as Roman Civil Law.

These Satanic law forms are far different from and follow a completely different logic from the Law of the Land, which is based on Mosaic Law, or the Law of the Air, which is based on the Law of Love.

Criminals have gradually usurped upon the Law of the Land and all but overcome it. They have done so by fraud, force, and deceit, but they have done it nonetheless. As Jesus said, “as in the days of Noah”—- we live in a world dominated by courts operating under the Satanic Law of the Sea and by an increasingly immoral, destructive, dishonest, and shallow popular culture.

That is the situation we are all facing worldwide.

At this crucial moment I wish to draw your attention to the story of the Tower of Babel. Once all the people of the world spoke the same language. This allowed them to accomplish great things and to work together toward common goals. There were no separate tribes, no “us” and no “them”. War and courtroom battles and the constant quibbling we are so familiar with now didn’t exist. We were all on the same team.

And then, something happened: the Tower of Babel.

What really happened isn’t explained in the standard Bible, but the truth revealed in other ancient texts is that a strange woman came to rule in Babylon about 20,000 BC, which is about twice the length of time between us now and the reign of King David in Israel.

She was called Semiramis or the Queen of Heaven (also known as the Mother of Harlots and the Great Abomination and the Inventor of Idolatry)– a beautiful woman who crash landed in an egg-shaped vessel that splashed down in the Fertile Crescent all those many years ago. She brought with her many changes for Mankind— none of them good.

Her changes included establishing a religion that venerated trees and sacred groves and practiced blood sacrifices on hilltop altars, and especially favored infanticide as a common practice.

She taught that sex was to be worshipped as a sacrament and vast orgies began to take place. Drugs were liberally used to stimulate the mind and body. Crowds of thousands assembled to toss their crying babies into owl-shaped furnaces as sacrifices to Semiramis’ familiar, Molloch, the Owl-god. Worship of snakes, statues of penises, sodomy, temple prostitutes, and all manner of other practices got their start under her guidance.

She also invented idolatry— not only the kinds of idolatry we are taught about in Sunday school with people carving statues and worshiping them. Oh, no, it was much more insidious than that. Semiramis introduced the concept of money into the world— an idol standing for all other things, either in the form of little stamped and minted coins or in the form of graven images. This is the source of those graven images in your pockets right now—all those bills engraved with pictures of dead Presidents.

Semiramis took things of little or no actual value— gold coins and pieces of paper— and convinced people that they had great value because they “represented” the value of other things. A gold coin stamped with three baskets of wheat was supposedly worth three baskets of wheat, while a gold coin of the same size stamped with five baskets of wheat was worth five actual baskets of grain.

It was a total scam then, and scary as it is for most people to contemplate the truth, it is still a total scam now—- and you can thank Semiramis for conning every generation of Mankind from her day down to this. No wonder she was known and eventually worshipped as the wife of Satan, the Father of All Lies.

Anyone who could con a Babylonian farmer out of five baskets of wheat in exchange for a little gold coin had to be a truly legendary Grifter.

Another gift of Semiramis was what we now call “descriptive language”. The original language of this planet was based on mathematical truths. You couldn’t tell a lie or make a false statement because every word reduced down to a fact and they all added up or they didn’t.

Nobody knows for sure what the original language was called in Ancient Babylon Before the Fall—- that is, before Semiramis fell to Earth from the stars—-but it was preserved by the Wise Men of Parthia as an antidote to the descriptive language of Babylon called “Babel” and among the Parthians both then and now the original language of Earth was called “Parse”.

Both the beauty and the utter failure of descriptive language is that it can mean many different things and have many different meanings— and this gives rise to endless quarrels and questions and opportunities for misunderstanding, confusion, guile, and greedy manipulation. English is the premier descriptive language on the planet today and we are the foremost victims of modern day Babel.

We can’t seem to write a straight forward honest agreement of any kind and have ten people agree on the content. There are too many double-meanings and possible interpretations to nearly everything.

Let’s take the word “of” which can mean “without” (as in the sense of within or without), outside of, apart from, or belonging to. And then let’s look at the words, “State of Florida”. The original meaning of “State of Florida” was “State belonging to Florida”, but two generations later, the meaning was changed to “State outside of Florida”—-with nobody being made any the wiser and no change in the way the phrase was written.

In 1864, Congress changed the meaning of the words “state” “States” and “United States” to mean “District of Columbia Municipal Corporation” — and just didn’t tell anyone, either.

These practices of employing double or triple or quadruple meanings to the same word, creating “special” definitions of known words, and using ambiguous descriptors leads to our beloved English language being called “Doublespeak”.

Who could imagine that the words “United States District Court” actually translate to “District of Columbia Municipal Corporation District Court”?

Well, maybe we would imagine it, if we knew that “Columbia” is another name for Semiramis.

And if you ask me to report on this subject in a “timely manner” — exactly what is “timely”? Three days, seven days, two months, a year, next decade? Well, we all know—or think we know— what descriptive language means, but in point of fact, we don’t.

And that, dear ones, is the reason that as beautiful as descriptive language can be and as attuned to the flights of our fancy as it is, it is still Babel and it is still at least Double and often more like Triplespeak, and it is still intrinsically mutable, subject to being misunderstood, manipulated, redefined, confused—both innocently and on purpose—and at the end of the day, though we may all enjoy the poetry of a line like, “She walks in beauty like the night…..” we still don’t know for sure (and possibly don’t want to know) what it means.

Who is “she”? Is she walking like night? How does night walk? Does night “walk” at all? Is the way night walks beautiful? What “night” are we talking about?

You see? When you reduce English down, it’s Babel—straight out of Ancient Babylon. Most of the time it means absolutely nothing for certain.

You can thank Semiramis and many, many generations of people —most of whom were cheated out of their food, their money, and their lives by Babylonian Traders– for the continued use and abuse of such language conventions.

It turns out that grammar really is an important subject. Who knew?

The Ancient Parthians preserved the original mathematical language known as Parse as an antidote to this Babylonian drivel and used it as the language of their sacred texts— which are mostly about Astronomy— and all Parthian laws and business agreements. As a result, the Parthians were a thorn in the heel of Babylon for many generations and were eventually all but wiped off the face of the Earth by the invading hordes of Idolaters.

Imagine a bunch of drug and sex-crazed Babylonian diamond merchants hitting the Kasbah on a Saturday night, their pockets full of gold coins stamped with images of baskets of wheat, horses, dates, donkeys, women, anything little thing their hearts might desire, whispering sweet nothings—- literally phrases that mean nothing—into the ears of women who–then as now—only think they understand the meaning?

Two Americans, David-Wynn:Miller and Russell-J:Gould, rediscovered and to some extent, re-engineered Parse, exposing once again the mathematical interface that honest communication should have built into its very structure. The result is very strange to our eyes and our ears.

Parse is written in capital letters, marking it as a symbolic language like Ancient Latin. Like Latin, it uses direct punctuation to form connections between words and phrases. Unlike Latin, the information being conveyed can be reduced down to mathematical certainties with nothing left to the imagination.

After a week of furtive study of this new iteration of Parse, I realize what a stretch it is going to take for most people to grasp its importance—- especially as a language used to form treaties and agreements. Imagine contracts and laws that aren’t subject to “interpretation” by anyone, much less a man in black robes?

Maybe the first step is to realize that our beloved English Language is actually Babel, and if we want to cut down on the criminality and confusion in the world, it behooves us to move on and learn mathematically interfaced languages and structurally correct grammar. Then, at last, after 20,000 years of Babel, we can say what we actually mean again.

I hope that readers now grasp the inevitable connection between religion and law, the unfortunate connection of Satanism and the cults of Semiramis with the Law of the Sea and the District of Columbia, and at least some of the ways and reasons that this extremely ancient history continues to impact our world and our lives.

The culture of sex, drugs, and rock and roll that Semiramis unleashed in the Middle East twenty thousand years ago is still kicking up dust today. It is parading down our Main Streets and corrupting our youth and creating a Death-oriented and depraved society full of con artists and self-serving thieves.

A statue of Semiramis herself stands in New York Harbor, mockingly masquerading as the “Statue of Liberty”—- note that, Liberty, the root word of “Libertine”— is what sailors get when they reach port. Not freedom.

The Great Whore of Babylon, the Great Abomination herself, is standing where she should not be–just as Jesus said 2,000 years ago, pretending to be a beacon of freedom, when instead she is a shrine of enslavement. Her priests disguised as honest jurists have invaded our courts and taken over our court buildings. Our pockets are full of her graven images. Even our language is dishonest, twisted, and often meaningless because of Semiramis.

Satan and his Consort have had their way with us. Their minions snatched us from our cradles when we were just babies. Their followers have enslaved us and tormented and confused us all of our lives. They have stolen from us and oppressed us, lied to us and lied about us. All these people know how to do is lie, lie, lie. And so far as the High Priests of the Roman Cult are concerned, the beauty of it all, is that we don’t know they are lying. We don’t know our own history. We mistake our enemies as friends. We adopt their idols as our own symbols. We believe in their “money” and don’t recognize it for what it is.

We didn’t get the punch line when they set up shop as the “District of Columbia”.

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