Theatre from the elite predators – the overlord families of the world

In short it’s all THEATRE.  Everything is being scripted by our overlords for THEIR entertainment and to give them total control.

Nothing is different from Obama’s beginning as President.  He was the “messiah” and going to make change.  He did nothing but destroy America even more than Bush and Clinton all following orders from the few overlords.

Will Trump do any better as the new “messiah”?

Of course not!

America has been the thorn in the side of the European elite predators since its inception.  It has taken some 200 years for them to bring the vigor of America and its people down.  The Pope and the Vatican vermin, the British, Spanish, French and European nobility trash, and all of the power-brokers worldwide are excited for their day may have come when America can lay desolate, and they can sit on their fat buttocks and oversee their plantations of slaves with no threats about freedom and rights granted by the Creator.

The elite rats are playing us…  they control everything worldwide through their finance and ownership of major corporations including banks.  Putin belongs to them and so does most every world leader. 

Apparently the rats want to kill their creditors off… seems like good business sense. 

They could stir up America so as to destroy it, through total-operational-martial-law… if they take the direct course of murdering us and collecting the insurance policies that they have on their property (we are their property legally), the slow kill of poisons in the food,  corrupted medical care, water, and air and the past 100 years of government education dumbing people down, will have weakened the people both physically and mentally that resistance may be minimum. All media and especially Alex Jones have been stirring the pot for months to trigger revolt.  The elite predators (and they are a very few families doing all of this) fear the people finding them out and turning on them.  They may want revolt to trigger their liquidation of people, and to force the already existing Babylonian Satanic NWO out of the closet and into the bright light of day – not a surprise revolt, but a revolt they can manage… even if they have to produce it Hollywood-style with actors like 911, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, etc.

In my opinion, all of the leaders on the world stage are actors taking direction from the overlords playing two-sides against each other to keep all of the people in fear from India to Canada to China to Russia… logic shows us all countries are connected and controlled financially by these bankers parasites…if they control the money, they control everything.

The fork in the road comes Friday – will Trump take office and do nothing other than destroying America even more (slow and methodical as Obama did), or will there be revolt and the current administration assumes dictatorial powers and begins a 21st century blood bath. 

Yehovah of the Holy Bible, controls these leaders and who rules and governs; and He laughs at their plans to take over heaven as well. It’s Yeshua the Creator and Savior who scares the hell out of these predator elites, and deep down in their corrupted and mad minds and hearts, they know that their days are numbered and the lake of fire will be their final resting place from the torment they suffer from following Satan and his seed.

Our most powerful weapon against these parasites is prayer and obedience to Yeshua our King.   

by allen joseph

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