It’s the Oil

Anna von Reitz
January 25, 2017


It’s the Oil, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 23

Today the world is a-flutter with news and disgruntlement about Donald Trump’s Executive Orders re-enlivening the oil pipeline projects that Obama and the Army Corps of Engineers shut down.

He’s the Chief Executive of a worldwide conglomerate whose lifeblood depends upon oil. What do you expect him to do?

The interesting question isn’t, “Why is Donald Trump doing this?”—- but rather, “Why didn’t Obama do this?”

The UN Corporation (not to be confused with the United Nations chartered in 1945) founded in France during WWII gave birth to the IMF(INC.) not to be confused with the International Monetary Fund, also birthed in France at the end of the Second World War, which acquired the UNITED STATES,INC. at Bretton Woods— basically via a Successor Contract Assignment from FDR.

The International Monetary Fund like the Federal Reserve is an international consortium of banks and investors functioning as a central bank of central banks. So you have a public corporation (IMF) and a private association (International Monetary Fund) running it, just as you have the public corporation (FEDERAL RESERVE) and the private association running it (Federal Reserve).

This allows the banking associations running these corporations a very free hand to meddle as they please without any substantial risk to their member banks and their investors and officers. They can pillage at will behind the so-called “corporate veil” on one hand, and then sanctimoniously huff and puff and stand on their right to privacy on the other.

So they conduct almost all their actual, important business in private member meetings never open to the public, do their dirty work in peace, and then just make announcements and hold schmoozing sessions with insiders and trading partners before and after.

This is also why there is no sane and regular auditing of the Federal Reserve. Nor of the IMF, for that matter. All the dirty dealings of these private banker clubs are to one extent or another claimed to be private and when that is not sufficient, they allege that their wheeling-and-dealing is a “state secret”—-which is a good trick, considering that the only states they have are fictional.

Anyway, it has been roughly 45 years since Tricky Dick Nixon ousted silver as the basis for the “UNITED STATES DOLLAR” (USD) and created the “Petrodollar” instead. This attached the value of the “UNITED STATES DOLLAR” to the value of oil, both crude and refined. These commodities became the assets backing the USD instead of silver.

Please note that the UNITED STATES DOLLAR is a private, corporate currency and the United States Dollar (usd) also known as the American Dollar, is and has always remained, a unit measure of fine silver.

UNITED STATES DOLLAR (USD) does not equal United States Dollar (usd), but both are asset backed currencies. The asset backing one is oil, the asset backing the other is silver.

As fewer and fewer people have insisted on using “lawful money” the supply of silver dollars and silver and gold coins in general has dwindled, but there are still half a billion silver dollars in circulation and far more silver half-dollars, quarters, and dimes, so that the actual people of the United States who are non-citizen state nationals continue to have sufficient quantities of actual silver dollars for their trading needs and by international law, they continue to have the right to denominate any funds passing through their hands or bank accounts as lawful money.

That means that money they use has to be considered specie money, actual money having value in-and-of-itself, like a gold coin—-even if it’s transferred around in the form of “Federal Reserve Notes” or “United States Notes”. It also means that all digits representing funds in their bank accounts have to be considered their assets, not the bank’s. Naturally, banks frown upon this stipulation, but it is the law and it has to be the law or every bank in America would have to be closed down as a crime syndicate.

As it would be very inconvenient indeed to carry around a gallon of crude oil every time you wish to buy a gallon of milk (they more or less have parity in the marketplace) a system of legal tender (promissory notes) rather than certificates (coupons for redemption) has been used to facilitate an exchange of value for the Petrodollar. Thus the USD continues to be issued in the form of notes guaranteed by the value of oil, both crude and refined, and the value of the usd continues to be guaranteed by the value of fine silver.

Both are asset-backed and the only thing tricky about this is the same deliberate confusion created by the use of deceptively similar names that we have seen elsewhere.

Now, Donald Trump has been elected President of the UNITED STATES—a foreign, mostly privately owned international conglomerate in the business of providing governmental services — among other things. The UNITED STATE’S currency depends on the value of oil, both crude and refined.

This means that when OPEC went crazy with the Oil Embargo and when more recently, the price of gasoline topped $5 per gallon at the pump, the profits made by the UNITED STATES in the commodity markets of the world were enormous on the so-called “backside” of the transaction and nobody in Washington, District of Columbia, cared if you had to dig deeper into your piggy banks to get to work and school or pay your light bill.

This also means that Donald Trump as CEO of the UNITED STATES has every reason on the world to kiss oil company rump and kiss Saudi rings and name the former CEO of EXXON as his VP and bust through every obstacle on Earth to supply oil refineries with crude oil, build Trans-Continental oil pipe lines until the cows come home, and ruthlessly quash the development of any new energy technology that the UNITED STATES doesn’t own and control.

You see, the UNITED STATES, INC., is in a lot of other businesses now beside just providing governmental services. They’ve been in the oil business since the Second World War. They are the world’s Number One exporter of Defense Technology and have been for decades. They are also in the drug business, the insurance business, the pension services business, the securities business, the banking business, Lord knows, they just tried to take over the entire health care sector, too. Last time I looked, the UNITED STATES—through its municipal and pension fund “associations”–owned the majority interest in virtually every Fortune 500 company.

And at the heart of the Octopus, the very center, is Wall Street— the Biggest Casino on Earth, where the daily trading and manipulation of the values of stocks, commodities, and bonds allows the monopoly interests of the UNITED STATES to exert a stranglehold on competitors, forcing them to pay protection money as “taxes” or plaguing them with federal agencies (aka corporate mercenaries) enforcing federal regulations under color of law.

The UNITED STATES has become so predatory, so reckless, so lawless, that many corporations are refusing to do business here and others are fleeing to happier shores overseas. Even the banks can smell the stench of corruption, gross self-interest, and a filthy business environment.

And you know it has to be bad, bad, bad when that happens.

Donald Trump is a good enough Executive to know that he has to fix that. It’s bad for business. So that’s why you are seeing him wave the Olive Branch and making Nice toward other big corporate interests, promising them tax shelters and deregulation and other favors to make this a tolerable place to stay. It’s basically Big Brother saying, “Aw, I’m sorry, guys, I won’t beat you up anymore! Promise!” after fifty years of doing exactly that.

He’s also savvy enough to know that Americans, the people victimized the most by the UNITED STATES, are waking up and ready to regurgitate, so he has to walk a thin line in all these endeavors. The UNITED STATES has devolved into a Fascist Empire and that is not what the American people are owed.

As my Father once explained it to me: “The Communists steal everything and pay for everything. The Fascists steal everything and make you pay for everything, too.”

No need for politics or any idealism to enter into it.

Dad always cut to the chase, and having seen the worst of Hitler’s Germany, he knew what to think when the heirs of Standard Oil helped set up the IMF and took over the UNITED STATES.

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