Interregnum My Rump

Anna von Reitz
January 29, 2017

Interregnum My Rump, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 26

There is no so-called “interregnum”— yet another specious idea being floated by Bar Attorney Karen Hudes.

According to Ms. Hudes and others of her ilk, our lawful government is in “interregnum”— a sort of legal coma— caused by Lincoln’s declaration of a “state of emergency” which has been declared every year since then by his successors.

Let’s make this perfectly clear— the only office of “President” that Lincoln could hold was that of a commercial corporation CEO. This is because Bar Attorneys have been prohibited from holding any public office in our government since March 12, 1819 and Abraham Lincoln was a Bar Attorney.

Commercial corporations have no ability to declare war, nor even “states of emergency”, except in the euphemistic sense that their corporation is in trouble.

Lincoln was not eligible as a Bar Member to hold the actual lawful public office of President of the united States of America, so the only kind of “President” he could be was the “President” of the United States (Trading Company).

His assumption of the public Office of Commander-in-Chief was an act of fraud, treason, and violation of international law.

The perpetrators have tried to paper this over retroactively by adopting our lawful constitution as the basis for their corporate articles of incorporation published as The Constitution of the United States of America (1868).

They have tried by this means to enclose our constitution for their own use— and they have tried via that means to unlawfully convert the actual office of the Commander-in-Chief to a private corporate office merely called the Office of the Commander-in-Chief.

The fact remains that this is pure lawless fraud fomented by the Bar, the British Monarch and the Roman Pontiff in gross Breach of Trust against the American states and people.

You can’t take a sow’s ear and transform it by calling it a silk purse. It remains a sow’s ear just the same.

And you can’t take a declaration of a “state of emergency” made by a private foreign corporation and transform it into anything related in any way to us or to our lawful government.

I have news for Karen Hudes and all the other Bar Attorneys responsible for this circumstance— there is no “interregnum” and no affect on us or our lawful government by anything said, done, or claimed by the filthy foreign organization in Washington, DC in 1860 or at any time since.

It was fraud then, it is fraud now.

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