Plato’s Cave teaches the predators how to control the people! Plain and Simple.

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In this case the “they” who have enchained us, are the predators (who consider themselves the “elite” and share that status of “elite-hood” with those they employ to control the people).

Plato was a political expert (probably the first) who provided guidance to the Greek government on how to manage the administration of government.  Modern political science is based on the teaching of Plato and his students.

Plato’s cave tells of how a government services company and manage and control the population to use them as ignorant slaves. 

It was very difficult to do this before modern communications and technology.  It was done in the past with books, churches, and public speaking.  Today, with the advent of modern communications and media, it is done with books, radio, newspapers, TV, and computers including cell phones.  The media is perfect to use to misrepresent the real world and control the people.  The predator organizations such as the Vatican and the governments (now corporations owned by the elite), and the corporation takeover of most small businesses use the media of newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, Internet and Hollywood (movies) to misinform and show the people an altered world view… thereby dumbing down the people and keeping them fearful and thinking that everything is scarce – from oil to water, from food to money, etc.

They have convinced everyone that they are dependent on them (the predators) for food, housing, clothing, and everything required for living.   The predators have made themselves the people’s god, causing everyone to worship them rather than Yehovah the Creator.  This system is pure and simple idle-worship no different than people serving a statute of a pig or elephant. 

What we have is a theatre production of a misrepresented shadow world and we are locked into not being able to see the real world, and so indoctrinated that we don’t even care to see and understand it.

One example is Antarctica.  They stop people from going there.  They say it is off limits to everyone but scientists working for the corporate governments… all the corporate governments of the earth agree on this ONE thing, AND people accept it without any concern or questions.  The same is true of the artic.  So, we are in a cave, a theater, and there’s a room next to the rest rooms that is marked “keep out”.  And we trust our masters and never open the door and go into the room.  If we did, we’d see more than the shadows on the screen and may be shocked into waking up to reality.  obviously, there is something in the Artic and Antarctica that doesn’t fit into the story line we are watching on the screen.  

If someone breaks away and learns the truth on something (by the way the word truth is a synonym of reality) the confined people are unable to even see or understand what the enlightened person is trying to tell them. 

Today, the Creator is waking up some people to reality – thankfully. 

What these predators have done is a crime far greater than any other.

Nothing that comes from the present world systems can be trusted… not one thing.  Reality is not what they give us in the media, in the education systems or in the churches. 

The Bible calls this system of theatre and Plato’s cave Babylon the Great; and the Vatican, including all her daughters (everything that the Vatican – Roman Curia produces from corporations to teachings) the Great Whore that controls the governments of the world keeping everyone drunk with delusion.

Yeshua tells us that Satan has deceived the whole world.   From physical-earth to history, from health to most all science what most people believe is not reality but theatre production written and directed by those who consider us cattle and useless eaters – these initiated are as evil as evil can get. 

I’m coming to realize that our only hope is Yeshua coming in the physical and ruling this world with Babylon destroyed and Satan locked up in prison.  For when He comes and kicks out the predators, there will be abundance for everyone and no more fear and abuse. 


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