Insight into the gospel of Revelation

In the very first verse of the gospel of the Revelation from Yeshua, He tells us that only His servants are given the information in the book.  We are His servants (actually His bond servants) who He has already made Kings and Priests on this earth (Verse 6 of chapter 1).

As His Kings and Priests we need to understand the timeline of the soon coming events.

I studied chapters 10-13 this week, and here some insight for all of us.

At the end of chapter 10, the 7th trumpet blast is declared and Yeshua announces that He is taking over, as King, of all of the nations of the earth and all the people on the earth will be governed by Him.  The dead in the Messiah are about to be raised and those who are alive are about to be changed into immortal beings.  Yeshua is getting ready to forcibly take over the world and get rid of those who stand in His way, and won’t repent (repentance is making a complete turnabout from doing wrong to doing right, as defined by Yeshua in the Bible).  The blood bath is about ready to take place.  As soon as  the blast takes place, we will no longer be on  the earth, rather  we will be assembled on the Sea of Fire and Glass in front of our Heavenly Father’s throne room.  We will meet all of  those who belong to Yeshua from the beginning of time, and we will get ready for the celebration called  the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

Now chapter 11.

Yeshua starts telling us what led up to this announcement, and the events that are coming in chapter 10 – the blast of  the 7th  trumpet, the announcement concerning world government, the raising of  the dead in the Messiah and  the changing of those who belong to Him into immortal beings; transporting all of  them to the Sea of Fire and Glass.

Here they are –

(1) He tells us that 3 ½ years earlier Jerusalem was attacked and taken over by the gentiles (those setting up what they call their New World Order).

(2) 3 ½ years earlier two prophets (two witnesses) begin preaching and causing problems for  the New World Order.  He also tells us, that 3 and ½ days before the resurrection of the dead and the transformation of those alive who belong to Yeshua and both groups taken to the Sea of Fire and Glass, these two prophets are killed and lay in the streets.

Chapter 11 and verse 15 tells us the actual 7th trumpet is blown and all of the events take place.

Beginning in chapter 12 we have another insert flash back of what led to these events.

(3) 3 ½ years earlier, a war in heaven takes place  and Satan and his angels are thrown out and come to the earth “mad as hell.”

(4) Yeshua’s people are taken to a safe-place 3 ½ years earlier; and Satan and his operatives go after and persecute those who are not protected, even though they keep the Commandments of Yehovah and have the testimony of Yeshua.

(5) Chapter 13 and verse 1 still is an insert tells us that the Beast (the New World Order messiah) starts ruling the world for 3 ½ years – this is the revealing of the anti-Messiah (anti-Christ).

The latter part of the 13th chapter tells us about the mark of the Beast (government and its leader)  and false prophet working the Beast.

So, Jerusalem (the modern nation of Israel) is attacked and defeated and controlled by the New World Order, the two witnesses (prophets) start their work for Yehovah, Satan is kicked out of heaven, we who belong to Yeshuah are protected, those people who aren’t protected and still keep the commandments and testimony of Yeshua are persecuted, and the Beast government begins with a political leader and a religious leader working together 3 ½ years before Yeshua returns to the  earth in the flesh.

Since Yeshua returns in the fall of the year at the Feast of Trumpets, all of the above events have to start in the spring or around Passover.

Once these events start, we will know the year when Yeshua will return in the flesh during the fall.  Yes, no man knows the day or the hour, only our Heavenly Father.

So, if these events begin this spring, then Yeshua will return 3 and ½ years from this spring – fall of 2020.

How Seal 6 fits in is a good question.

Possibly Seal 6 opens right at the beginning of the 3 ½ year (42 months or 1260 days)?  or one year before Yeshua returns?  Since God’s throne is revealed at the time it opens and people want to hide from Him, I lean toward a year before His return.

So, If this Passover begins the 3 ½ year countdown, we need  to be alert. World events seem to indicate this year may be the beginning of the last 3 ½ years of man’s rule of the earth.

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