Are We Idiots?

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Are We Idiots?

By Anna Von Reitz

Rod Class proved it with his decision from Judge Ridgeway.
I proved it with no less than three cases— one county, one state, and one State Supreme Court.
These courts have no jurisdiction related to you, the living man or woman.  None.
They can only address either “United States Citizens” (Territorials) or “citizens of the United States” (Municipals).   That’s it.
They can’t decide anything for you or against you or conduct any business related to you unless you consent to their jurisdiction, and when you do that, you give up all your constitutional rights and guarantees and are stuck relying upon the promises of crooks to provide you (at their discretion) with privileges known as “equal civil rights”.
To make this all the more ridiculous, the judges and lawyers operating these courts are under obligation of their corporate employers to fleece you silly, so what it amounts to is that you are asking for mercy (in equity) from Bill Collectors whose real job is to collect money from you.  That’s why they constantly abuse their discretion.
Hello?  Hello?  Please, God, Hello?
Tell me why anyone is putting any faith, trust, or hope in the so-called “judicial system” that is presently squatting on our shores, running private Bill Collection agencies under the guise of being public courts, and otherwise acting under color of law with respect to us in every respect?
Nearly every day I get calls and reams of paperwork and emails sharing the latest foolproof court processes and pleas and evidence proofs and that is all very fine, but after all that I have told you, after all that has been exposed—- does it make sense to even deal with these courts at all?
They aren’t your courts.  They aren’t interested in the law or the facts—-in fact, they are not allowed to hear the law or the facts concerning your PERSONS.  Your PERSONS are guilty by definition before you ever step foot in one of their court rooms, so why go there?  It’s considerably worse than foxes in hen houses.
Instead, folks, put your time, money, and energy into building your own jural assemblies and taking back the lawful courts you are owed.  The issues have already been decided—see Milligan Ex Parte.  When your American Common Law Courts are up and running, the martial law courts have to shut down.
So shut them down, don’t pay them money and beg them for mercy.

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