The “Situation” in Colorado

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The “Situation” in Colorado

By Anna Von Reitz

More information about the situation in Colorado is surfacing—slowly, I think, because those responsible for it are grappling with some hard issues of culpability of their own.
It’s one of those odd situations where nobody is right.
The Colorado State Judges and Grand Jury Administrators followed the directives they received from the Grand Juries they serve, and under Common Law, that is what they were obligated to do.
Accordingly, its the members of the actual Grand Jury that should be arrested — if anyone should be arrested at all.
This conclusion begs the question of whether or not the Judges and Grand Jury Administrators properly advised the juries of the jurisdictional issues involved—- but as my experience with them proves, they didn’t know that part of it themselves.
Here’s the Blow by Blow as I understand it to date:
The Colorado Grand Juries conducted an investigation and found that the judges in all the State of Colorado and STATE OF COLORADO courts lacked the credentials required by Colorado Session Law.
This is information that has been corroborated on a national level.
Out of literally thousands of judges whose credentials have been pulled in all fifty states, exactly one, a guy in Wisconsin, had all the proper credentials and bonds and public oath required to be a judge on file.
So how can you have people functioning as judges, who don’t obey the published requirements to hold the office?
The answer is simple though disturbing.
These judges aren’t functioning in any public office at all.
They only appear to be holding the public offices, which are in fact vacated.
The irony is that the Colorado State Grand Juries were simply holding the State of Colorado and STATE OF COLORADO Judges to the standard that Colorado Public Law requires.
The Colorado Grand Juries concluded that in the absence of meeting the requirements of public office, all these State of Colorado and STATE OF COLORADO “judges” were apparently engaged in constructive fraud.
And the argument can certainly be made that they were and are.
There has been no necessary disclosure to the general public that the State of Colorado and STATE OF COLORADO are operating foreign admiralty and administrative courts on our soil under the auspices of the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States, respectively.
There has been no disclosure that they are operating in-house corporate and military tribunals on our shores.
The people have been led to believe by circumstance if nothing else, that these foreign admiralty and private corporate courts are in fact their own public courts. They had the reasonable expectation that the judges holding court in their courthouses and ostensibly operating courts under the name of their state, Colorado, had the obligation to conform to the requirements of the public offices they appear to hold.
Now, it is true that I told them that the “State of Colorado” and the “STATE OF COLORADO” are not the same as the Colorado State. It is true that I warned the Colorado State Judges and Grand Jury Administrators that these foreign “federated state” courts were operating in a private capacity and in an entirely different jurisdiction and that the judges in these courts were not obligated to meet the requirements of Colorado State public office.
I told them and they didn’t listen and they got arrested for crossing into “federated state” jurisdiction and indicting undeclared foreign agents operating under the 1947 Bar Association Treaty— but the further fact is that these Colorado State Judges and Grand Jury Administrators are not subject to federal jurisdiction and have sovereign immunity of their own.
They are not operating as Territorial or Municipal citizens, and in fact, they had reasonable cause to suspect constructive fraud because neither the State of Colorado nor the STATE OF COLORADO have ever openly and honestly admitted that they are not public courts, their officers have failed to declare their status as Foreign Agents which is required under federal law—and as long as they are operating as employees of “federal franchise states” they are required to follow federal law.
So who stinketh the most?
The people of Colorado who have a right to expect that the courts operating in their state follow the public law, or the Bar Members operating private Territorial and Municipal courts “as if” they were public courts when in fact they are not?
It is also the fact that the courts that have charged and which are attempting to try the Colorado State Judges and Grand Jury Administrators can’t possibly come up with a Grand Jury of their “peers” to charge them or a Trial Jury competent to try them.
It’s a total faux pas on both sides. Stay tuned.

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