Re-flagging Your “Vessels”

Re-flagging Your “Vessels”

12405-judge2banna  Judge Anna von Reitz

The way that the vermin in DC have established control over you and your assets is via the presumption that you are “voluntarily” operating as a franchisee of their corporation—-and therefore, are operating in “international commerce” as opposed to operating in “international trade”.

As you know, if you have been following along, the Founding Fathers split the international jurisdiction owed to the sovereign states into “delegated” and “un-delegated” functions.

The delegated functions they granted to the federal government are all in the international jurisdiction, and all but one, the so-called “International commerce clause” are absolutely restricted to the actual domain of the “High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways”.

Please note the word “commerce”. Commerce is business conducted between corporations. If you are not a corporation and not voluntarily functioning as a franchisee of any corporation, you are instead involved in private international trade—-which is not among the delegated “powers” of the federal government to regulate.

If you are functioning as an independent American state trading vessel on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, you are owed the absolute protection of the Roman Pontiff, British Government, and the British Crown.

If you are functioning as a Territorial or Municipal Government franchisee of the United States, you are either (1) an employee obligated to obey their every whim, or (2) chattel property backing their debts —- and you are owed no protection under the actual Constitution at all.

As you can see, the distinction of whether you are operating as an American conducting international trade, or as a United States citizen involved in international commerce, is of vital importance to you in the conduct of your business affairs and also of vital importance to your safety, your tax status, and everything else.

With that as background information, you are now prepared to absorb the actual subject matter of this post—- the flag you are flying.

The Stars and Stripes, aka, “Star-Spangled Banner”, is the war flag of the United States. They have been flying it continually since 1860.

The rats have been involved in commercial “war” for 150 years — and they have made war upon us along with everyone else and have abused their delegated authorities to do so.

Thus, they have promoted a constant ongoing conflict in the jurisdiction of international commerce— a jurisdiction where you and your “vessels”— that is, your names/NAMES, don’t naturally belong.

They’ve colluded to create this deliberate mis-identification to expedite pillaging your estate and gain control over you and your assets. They have also done it in order to avoid their obligations to you under the actual Constitution.

To make it all easier and more convenient for them to act as predators against their actual employers, they have created the “legal presumption” that you are all “citizens” obligated to serve their governmental services corporations—- and that you are all franchisees of theirs operating in international commerce.

A few days ago, I issued the “Final Deed of Re-Conveyance and Re-Venue” which up-ends those presumptions and re-flags your “vessels” — that is, your Names/NAMES— as “vessels in trade”.

I quote in part, “We hereby accept and acknowledge the re-conveyance of these property assets and material interests to the land jurisdiction of each one of the actual states now doing business as the Alaska State, Tennessee State, Virginia Commonwealth, Florida State, et alia, and confirm to each organic state and to each living property holder their public and private property, respectively, to be held and enjoyed as freeholds in fee simple upon the land jurisdiction of each state forever and never again to be mis-characterized as property belonging to nor standing as surety for the debts of any government services corporation.”

Basically, this gives Notice to the world that anyone operating under the Peacetime flag of the United States is engaged in international trade, not commerce, and is a vessel functioning under the un-delegated powers retained by the states and people in international jurisdiction.

If the “Stars and Stripes” is the war flag of the United States (delegated powers) —what is the peacetime flag of the actual United States (undelegated powers)?

It is known as the “Civil Flag”. It has vertical red and white stripes and blue stars on a white background. This is your peacetime flag in international jurisdiction.

As you return to the “land of your birth” and correct your political status, you need to re-flag your trading vessels—that is, your Names/NAMES— as unincorporated entities engaged in peaceful international trade, not corporate franchisees engaged in international commerce.

To obtain and start flying your correct flag go and send your inquiries to or call 307-200-4503 or write to: U.S. Civil Flags, in care of: 441 East 20th Street, Apartment 2A, New York, New York 10010.

A large variety of flags and flag-related products are available— lapel pins, embroidered patches, etc. which enable you to silently give notice of your political status in an unequivocal and positive way.

Be sure to take the steps necessary to actually change your own political status as described In “How to Change Your Political Status and Why” before you begin flying the civil flag.

Remember that the actual states and people are at peace and engaged in international trade.

Until the citizenry of the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States likewise “return home” and embrace peace, they will continue to fly the war flag and be engaged in international commerce.

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