Final Reply to Thomas Deegan

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Final Reply to Thomas Deegan

By Anna Von Reitz

I have given you the facts. You can dislike the facts all you like, but they remain the facts.
The government you were promised and which you are still owed was overthrown at the federal level in 1860.  Period.  Take that fact in.
Since then, it has been under the assault of a slow, insidious usurpation that came to another head circa 1953 when the land rightfully belonging to our states was declared “abandoned” and the rats pretended that the actual owners were “unknown” and rolled it into a giant land trust which they borrowed against.   Take that fact in.
It came to another head circa 1965 when bribes in the form of “federal block grants” and “federal revenue sharing” enticed all the states and counties to begin operating as corporate franchises of the federal corporation(s).  Take that fact in.
Now we are at 2017 and things have run their predictable course.  The rats have borrowed themselves up to their asses using us and our assets and the assets of our land jurisdiction states as collateral.  The bankers have pulled the plug on them.  The Secondary Creditors were about to be allowed to come in and seize all our “abandoned” property.   Take these facts in.
I stepped in and prevented that from happening.  Take that fact in.
I have told you in plain language what you need to do to get back the republican form of government you are owed.  Take those facts in.
There is no more or “other” or secret information that hasn’t been on display for anyone who paid attention.
I suggest that you do so or you will continue to be out in left field cursing and swearing and wandering around in a confused manner and blaming the wrong people.

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