When You Deal With the Federales — Either Territorial or Municipal

Thursday, June 1, 2017

When You Deal With the Federales — Either Territorial or Municipal

By Anna Von Reitz

When you are reading publications put out by either the Territorial or the Municipal United States, you have to read them from the perspective of those issuing the publications and those for whom the publications are intended— not your own.
Thus, when you read about “non-resident aliens” in IRS Code, realize that from THEIR perspective and the perspective of their “States of States” and their “citizens”, you are a non-resident alien.
From your perspective, they are the agents of the foreign Territorial United States or the foreign Municipal United States and they are the “aliens” with respect to you and your states of the Union— but if it is their paperwork, it is always pitched from their perspective and most often addressed to their own “citizens” only.
Here’s another good example of it.  For their own purposes within their own system, they call certain people from American Samoa “non-citizen nationals”.  Quite a number of you have discovered this in their paperwork and thought that my use of the term “non-citizen national” must be either incorrect or related somehow to their use of the same words, but no, not so.
With respect to the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States and from our perspective we are “non-citizen nationals”.  Why?  Because we certainly aren’t here to serve their governments, which are supposed to be here serving us, and therefore we are not “citizens” of any kind of theirs; and, we are nationals because we all belong to one of the fifty (50) nations making up the actual United States.
We are living in our nation states and we are not their citizens.
We can also choose to run for office or accept an appointment in our own state government and therefore become “State Citizens” as in “Illinois Citizens”.  In that case, we are agreeing to act as citizens with respect to serving the actual state of Illinois and that’s our choice to make— but it has nothing to do with being a Territorial “Citizen of the State of Illinois” and even less to do with being a “CITIZEN of the STATE OF ILLINOIS”.
So when anyone starts talking about “citizenship”— which means an agreement to serve a government — it is highly recommended that you all step back and ask: “What citizenship?  Citizenship with regard to our land jurisdiction state?  Territorial Citizenship? Municipal Citizenship?  Who are you and WTH kind of “citizenship” are you referring to now?”
The same kind of alertness, awareness, and skepticism is desperately needed all across the board.
“Are you talking about a personal checking account in the sense of a checking account belonging to a private, natural person or a checking account belonging to an unincorporated business or a checking account belonging to a UNITED STATES, INC. franchise or…….?  What do you mean by “personal” here and now?”
It is imperative that everyone develop this ability to think in terms of who is speaking and in what context—- and for Americans to stop blankly assuming that everything is being written from their perspective when 99% of it is not.

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