The “UN”, Swamp Draining, and Today’s Situation Report

Monday, June 12, 2017

The “UN”, Swamp Draining, and Today’s Situation Report

By Anna Von Reitz

The UN is not the United Nations, in the same way that the UNITED STATES is not the United States.
By the fall of 1943 the Vichy French government knew the jig was up.  Herr Hitler’s plan to borrow all he could from the Jews of Europe and then murder his priority creditors wasn’t working out so well.  So the Vichy began quietly moving their own ill-gotten gains to Switzerland and not a small number of the vermin paid off Swiss officials to become Swiss citizens.  Some of these characters and their friends even took over de facto ownership of certain Swiss banks where they deposited the wealth they pillaged from their neighbors and from the dead.
Against this general backdrop two corporations were formed in France, one was called the UN Corporation, and the other was the IMF. Both the UN Corp and the IMF were spooled up by the same group of Rothschild-Rockefeller-Railroad Baron and Big Oil interests.  This version of “UN” was and is a privately held commercial corporation created some years before the actual United Nations charter was signed. 
This then allows the same kinds of deceptively similar names deceits and frauds that arise when we mistake the UNITED STATES for the United States; by that point in history, this misuse of similar names to promote constructive fraud schemes had become completely routine.  Rumor has it that Dag Hammarskjold, the second Secretary-General of the United Nations, decried this cozy deceit and was going to expose it for what it was, but was killed before he could do so.
Thus, when the news media today is talking about “UN Peacekeeping Forces” you never know– except by context– whether they  are talking about commercial mercenaries hired by the UN Corp to protect its business interests or if you are talking about combined actual military forces contributed by member governments of the United Nations.  Both are called “UN Peacekeeping Forces” though obviously the nature, intent, standards, motivations, and behavior of the two so-called “Peacekeeping Forces” are dramatically different and often at odds.
One final fact needs to be added to the mix before we can wrap up the explanation you want.  There are in this world approximately a hundred stunningly large Historic Trusts.  Many of these Historic Trusts stem from the days of the Spanish Conquistadors, when vast fortunes were made and for the most part, kept, in family trusts.  These so-called Spanish Trusts have moved with their owners all over the world, so that there are heirs of Spanish gold in China, the Philippines, Indonesia, the Middle East, Turkey, England, the United States and Canada that I know of.  Other Historic Trusts started out as Royal Grants of land or gold or as similar Public Grants.  The SwissIndo Trust is only one of these many huge Historic Trusts.
So, what you are referencing as “UN-SWISSINDO” is a Joint Venture between the privately owned Vichy French Commercial Corporation calling itself the “UN Corporation” and the SWISSINDO Corporation spun off the Historic Trust of the same name.  As such UN-SWISSINDO is a commercial mercenary organization wedded to a corporation funded by a Historic Trust, both of which are basically under the control of FRANCE and the Bank of France, that is, Jacob Rothschild, and his Vichy French turned Swiss friends, and the same group of bloodline families that sponsored the IMF.  The “UN-SWISSINDO Initiative” is also being supported behind the scenes by the British Crown Corporation.
Same old crap, different day.  The UN “Peacekeeping” Mercenaries are being paid by the SWISSINDO Historic Trust and together they promote the Nazified vision of the New World Order which is also largely supported by the Roman Catholic Church under the domination of the Jesuit Order founded by yet another Spanish Soldier and Heir of the Spanish Conquest, Ignatius Loyola, whose mad dream was create a worldwide Christian government by force of arms.
So when you read that the Canadians have taken over the Vatican Bank and are cleaning it up, interpret that as: British Crown affiliates working in tandem with the Roman Catholic Church, the Vichy French UN Corporation and Swissindo Trust, and Jacob Rothschild’s Bank of France interests, are helping Mom do the laundry. Or, put another way, the foxes are cleaning the hen house and building new nesting boxes for the hens.
Isn’t that heart-warming?   They are all gathered round to bankrupt “Mom” — the Vatican — and Cousin Beth (Puerto Rico), too, to save their assets unscathed in the coming economic blood bath, and they are using old Nazi plunder to pay their private army as muscle to open up the USB Swiss Bank and plunder it of the SwissIndo Trust assets and at the same time are keeping the other Historic Trust deposits held hostage in the banks they directly control so that other Historic Trusts can’t compete or do anything with their assets unless they all fund a private mercenary army themselves and start World War III against the fake “UN” and its “Peacekeeping Forces”.
La, la, la, how the world does spin.  Compare this seamy underbelly with the public image of New Age light, love, and power to the people coming to save them from oppression and I think you can see why I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.
Privately, I call this development “Neu Republique 2.0”.   We started out with “Neu Republique 1.0” with the French Rothschild interests paying the ticket for General Dunford et alia and sponsoring the “New Republic” as Successor to Contract replacing the bankrupt UNITED STATES, INC.   We said, thanks, but no thanks; we accept a month by month quid pro quo to pay for services rendered, nothing more. So now they have turned around and upped the ante, brought more of the old bloodline families and industrial upstarts together to front “Neu Republique 2.0” — with all the rotten European interests represented and using the SwissIndo Historic Trust to fund their rampages.
We say, “Thanks, but no thanks.” to this development, too.  We don’t want to cheat anyone.  We agree to pay for services rendered month to month, but no assumption of contract and only conditional acceptance of the New Republic 2.0. 
And where is Donald Trump?  He thumbed his nose at Rothschild’s offer of the first New Republic sales pitch, but then, turned right around and fell for New Republic 2.0.   This is not unlike a man divorcing his wife, and then getting back into bed with her and her three ugly step-sisters, too.  Why would he do such a thing?  Maybe they sweetened the pot.  Maybe he doesn’t know much world history.  Maybe his advisors suck wind.  What The Donald needs to do, if he wants to be free and if he wants America to be Great Again, is to talk to the other Historic Trusts and order the Department of Defense to open their accounts so that there is détente and a counter-balance and more funding sources to choose from.
I have heard the “five million dollars to everyone and a lifetime stipend” being promoted by UN-SWISSINDO, but don’t believe for a moment that this offer is coming without awful strings attached.  I haven’t seen any contracts– also known as “applications” and “enrollment forms”, etc.,— so far, so I don’t know the particulars of the deception, but I can guarantee you that some kind of gross deception and false counterclaim will be involved, of the sort that whoever signs on the dotted line loses everything including their soul.  Just like the Mothers of newborns have been coerced and their children have been “enrolled” as wards of the state without anyone providing full disclosure, you can bet that UN-SWISSINDO’s offer and your receipt of it, will result in you and your property being owned by unsavory interests.
All the while, these shameless frauds will be singing “Yankee Doodle Dandy” and accusing everyone and everything else of doing what they are doing themselves, either because they really do suspect everyone else of thinking and doing the same things they do, or because they hope to keep scrutiny focused on anything and anyone other than on who they actually are and what they are actually doing.  They will continue to encourage, exploit, and promote the confusion of the “UN” corporation with the United Nations organization.  They will continue to misrepresent who and what they are.  They will continue to try to two-block efforts of the other Historic Trusts to bring their assets to bear on the world’s problems.  They will continue to try to cast themselves as angels of light.
As Will Rogers said, “It’s hard to cheat an honest man.”  — but even honest men need to keep grounded and focused and be suspicious that something shady is going on when somebody offers to hand out five million dollars and a lifetime living stipend for free— especially when the persons making the offer have a bad history and have made deliberate efforts to obscure who and what they are.
As for your last question — how can the government still be operating if it is being liquidated — the answer is simple.  They just booted up new corporations, gave them new deceptively similar names, and skated right on with an empty balance sheet and “YOUR NAME” and estate left holding the bag for it all.
Someone should ask Mr. Trump what he thinks he is doing and why he is allowing all this to go on, when he has all the other Historic Trusts supporting his efforts?  Why get into bed with Rothschild, Rockefeller and the whole Vichy Company again? 
This is even more senseless when you realize that we already have the assets to pay for our own expenses and the expenses of the federal government, too. It’s high time for Mr. Trump to put DOD to good use and open up our accounts.  What excuse can there be, for not letting the American people have access to their own Historic Trust accounts?  Hmm?  Are all 390 million of us supposed to be “terrorists”?   Are Donald Trump’s actual employers– the people who ultimately pay his salary — his “enemies”?  And by what logic is our money being “blocked” by the U.S. Treasury/IMF and the American people are instead being kept purposefully poor and desperate and fed offers from “UN-SWISSINDO”? 
No doubt it has a lot to do with the fact that the IMF has been functioning as the U.S. Treasury for many years now and both the “IMF” and the “UN” were spun off by the same bad actors.  Their object is to feed upon us under the guise of serving us. Donald Trump is following a long string of “US Presidents” by sitting on his hands and doing nothing about it.
Someone should ask Mr. Putin— who has been around the barn longer and accordingly knows more than Mr. Trump — why he hasn’t tired of this game and put an end to these banker “wars” when his own country has been hurt by them, and everyone can see that just a handful of evil old men have caused and are continuing to cause the unnecessary suffering of millions?   The whole world is like it is constipated and can’t manage to dump the load.
Same thing for the Chinese government.  You want to deal in gold and silver?  Why aren’t you expediting that process for us via an honest means, instead of standing by and letting these same old parasites have their way?  Certainly, the Chinese know that the Americans have always traded in silver?  Surely, they know that our national trust does not belong to the Territorial or Municipal United States?  We have opened an International Trade Bank allowing free trade between the United States of America and the rest of the world.  Why aren’t the Chinese beating a path to our door, complaining about the US Trade Deficit, swapping U.S. Treasury Bonds for asset-backed bonds—- and demanding that we have full access to our Historic Trusts?
Again, it’s still just the same old group of the same old nasty men playing the same old nasty games.  Nothing new. 
They have been caught red-handed in bankruptcy and probate fraud, trying to steal your assets, so now they are going to keep you poor—keep you from accessing your own Historic Trusts, your lawful inheritance— and offer you fairytales and “money of account” instead, and then claim that they gave you “equitable consideration” for everything you are and all that you naturally own, when in fact five million and a lifetime stipend is nothing compared to what they are trying to take from you.
So, now, I will a few question back to you—- how long before people wake up?   How much longer before the American people stand up and get moving instead of waiting for someone or something else to come save them?  How long before they speak with one voice and say “Enough!”  to all this international piracy and coercion on our shores?  How long before we all put enough pressure on the members of Congress to crack them open like so many Brazil Nuts and force them to do what is right by the American people they are supposed to be serving in Good Faith?  How long before our own trust accounts get opened up?  How long before we come by the millions to throw the so-called “UN” and everything and everyone associated with it back into the sea where it belongs?
How long before somebody, somewhere, wises up enough to recognize the alligators even when they wear cute costumes and whisper sweet nothings?
The whole purpose in draining the swamp is getting rid of the snakes and crocodiles.  The “UN” in any guise is a snake operation and the DOD is not doing its job to protect our ESTATES and the Treasury is balking from what it needs to do— which is to stop babbling about “terrorists” like a confused old ninny and unblock our Historic Trust accounts so that we can pay our own bills — at home and worldwide — with no help from the “UN” nor “SWISSINDO” nor the “IMF” nor the Neu Republique in any form whatsoever.
The Marshal Plan is done and over.  No more excuses for picking our pockets or keeping the American people in a state of perpetual “war” and charging us “Victory Taxes” 72 years after the war ended and continuing to hold title to our land as any “Victory” program, either.  Time for the Europeans to get to off our soil, off our backs, thank us for rebuilding their entire universe, and get smart enough to drain their own swamp.
And that is what I have to say about the “UN” and “UN-SWISSINDO” and the current situation.  The only message that Pope Francis and Donald Trump and the “DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE” need to hear and hear it loud and clear is— get off the pot and open up our Historic Trust Accounts.  I have nine of them and together they make “SWISSINDO” look like a small hill of beans.  It’s past time to get beyond this, stop the fraud, and move on.

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