Thoughts About Kings and Brothers

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Thoughts About Kings and Brothers

By Anna Von Reitz

The problem with kings is that they are men and men vary widely in their characters and abilities, so that one may be a perfectly good king and another, even his own son, a disaster.
Witness the Hebrew’s experience. They demanded a king, so God told Samuel— it’s a bad idea, but if that’s what you want, have Saul for a king.
And yes, it was a bad idea. Years of war and bloodshed and tragedy and all sorts of scandal and nastiness, even madness at the end—– and finally, the people had the great King David, who was a good, brave, and talented man, but also deeply flawed, and then his son, Solomon, the “wisest” king ever, and yet, he fell away and worshiped idols and accepted all the nastiness of Babylonian religious practices.
The plain fact is that men are not — generally speaking — able or willing or wise enough to govern themselves, so what realistic hope is there that they will be able to wisely govern others?
Everything that Samuel reported as God’s advice and instruction is as true now as it was then. Better to accept God as your King and men as your brothers, than to try to fill God’s shoes and become confused about who and what you are.
This is the wisdom of the Belle Chers (Belchers) who have never been eager or indeed, willing, to exercise the Great Seal of the United States of America and impose their will on anyone. Free will is the rule and gift of God. Who are we or anyone else to change that? And in the end, it is the journey of each one to know themselves and rule themselves, so again, isn’t that enough to occupy an entire lifetime of striving?
So for two hundred years, the Belle Chers have stood stolidly by and fought their own battles and let the politicians squabble and the idea that they should interfere with the people sorting out their own affairs has remained repugnant and is repugnant still.
Yet there is a time when respect for free will and agreement that the only true kingship remains with God, comes head to head with the responsibility we each bear toward our fellowman to do all that we can to safeguard and preserve them from harm so that we act not as kings, but as brothers.
I agree with Frank O’Collins that the Unam Sanctam Trust was conceived in fraud and is therefore a nullity in terms of Law, together with all its later developments.
Having solved the problem in his head, Frank is ready to move on to whatever other questions await him.
The rest of us are left to clean up the mess on Aisle 5 which results from over 700 years of building a vast edifice of interlocking trusts, legal fictions, and forms of law peculiar to these devices—- all conceived in fraud— in “legal fiction”, yet nonetheless having identity and force and vast powers to build or destroy.
This is what is spoken of in Revelation, where angels seems to speak in riddles about those that “are” and “are not”— that were and were not and yet will be. Corporations exist in exactly that manner. We conceive of these organizations like GMC and Exxon and Nestles and yet they aren’t real. They “are” and “are not”. They have names, they have employee rosters, they have officials and logos, but in a sense, they don’t exist.
They are fraud in the same way the the Unam Sanctam trust is fraud. They are nullities, and don’t exist in Law, yet they exercise tremendous power as commercial organizations and even more when they usurp the governance of entire countries.
We are left with a terrible dilemma of criminality and rulership, in which each man and woman must seek to rule their own lives and use their own minds and having faced that responsibility which we owe each other—- join together to find solutions and replace the fictions with the facts— knowing that what we have is built on sand, an edifice however vast that is unlawful and illusory as any shadow.
Try to imagine a world without corporations. Try to imagine a world without kings, only brothers. Try to imagine a time when we cast down idols whether made of gold or words or flesh and embrace the divinity that lies within? 
“The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.”

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