Retired Means Retired!

Retired Means Retired!

4f522-judge2banna  Judge Anna von Reitz

Once you are “retired” you are retired and that is that. You are owed your pension and health insurance from “the government” corporation in the same way that you would be owed your pension and health insurance from IBM or Walmart or REI.

You do not have any further obligation to the corporation. You can live wherever in whatever jurisdiction you wish. You simply have to make a choice — freedom or continued slavery? Having made that choice, you inform the State Secretary of State that you are retiring from any presumption of United States Citizenship or enfranchisement and are returning to your natural birthright status.

You don’t lose anything, you simply change your political status. You “surrender” the Municipal PERSON created by the Birth Certificate back to the Secretary of the Treasury, you rescind your “Voter Registration” and you record the simple Improved Act of Expatriation that also covers your domicile and your allegiance to the land jurisdiction state. You inform your bank that your account is a private account and all funds transferred and deposited must be denominated as lawful money. You put a label “Retired Not for Hire” on the back of your drivers license. You buy “forever tags” for your license plates and “unregister” your car.

As a former federal civil service employee you will have to continue to pay federal income taxes on that portion of your pension that actually comes from federal employment. If you worked for the federal government your whole life, you will have to pay income taxes on the whole amount. If you were in private employment for 30 years and the bulk of your pension is based on that, you only pay federal taxes on the portion derived from later federal employment.

For most people whose only “federal employment” may have been a two-year stint as a young man in the military, the amount of their pensions derived from such slight attachment to the federal corporation is negligible and they don’t have to pay federal income taxes at all. They are otherwise naturally exempt.

You have not been taught any of this because it was to the advantage of these foreign corporations that you never learn it and never exercise your exemptions and never be free. It is to their advantage if they can take and take and take, and never have to pay back anything. As a “citizen” you are at their mercy and have to accept whatever they give you, just as any slave must. As a state national, you are guaranteed their service and protection and are owed all the guarantees of the original Constitution.

If you were born in this country, it’s your choice how you want to live and what kind of status you wish to adopt. It is not THEIR choice and once you exercise your exemption, THEY have no right to say one word to you about it.

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