To The Generals — Get the Lead Out

To The Generals — Get the Lead Out

12405-judge2banna  Judge Anna von Reitz

Without putting too sharp of a point on it, gentlemen, every day that you chase your tails little old ladies are being evicted from their homes under false pretenses, children in America (and elsewhere) are going without food for no good reason, and criminals continue to reign supreme in our courthouses, imposing foreign law and working every possible infamous fraud scheme to rob, impersonate, and press gang Americans that you are morally, lawfully, and in front of the entire world contractually obligated to protect and defend.

No functionary agent acting as the President of the United States has any power or ability to interfere with our execution of private domestic policy in behalf of the actual people of this country.  Read the actual Constitution.  All powers, including the delegated powers, ultimately remain on our hands.

The UNITED STATES is in Chapter 7 involuntary bankruptcy and is being liquidated. The USA is in Chapter 11. We have international bankruptcy “Trustees” named by Secondary Creditors swarming in on us— the Paramount Security Interest Holders—- and there you all sit, like great lumps of fat, “discussing the situation”.

There is nothing to discuss. You know your duty, or you certainly ought to know it.

The American people have been mis-characterized as “citizens”, conscripted, deported, kidnapped, and press-ganged into the service of two foreign commercial corporations, one British, one French, which are merely in the business of providing “essential governmental services” on a for-hire basis —-and generally doing a piss poor job of it, too.

Our states and people have been bankrupted via a process of false presumption and debt assumption once, back in the 1930’s, and now the perpetrators are trying to do it again, only this time they propose to steal the whole show— trying to seize the land and the land assets that actually belong to the Priority Creditors of the UNITED STATES and the USA, both.

And who are the Priority Creditors of both the UNITED STATES and the USA? We are. The American states and people.

This is not a private nor a contractual matter. This is organized crime and racketeering on a multi-national scale. It is your responsibility, together with the responsibility of INTERPOL and all the other law enforcement agencies to crack down and get control of these renegade corporations and hold their executives’ feet first to the fire, beginning with the American Bar Association.

We recently forwarded the black and white evidence of a vast criminal conspiracy fronted by the then-USAG (INTERPOL) in 2007 operating the Office of the United States Attorney General and Wells Fargo Bank, both, to defraud the actual land jurisdiction counties — all 3100 of them — and the American people out of their land and homes and businesses. The entire debacle of 2008 and the current massive Foreclosure Mill Fraud, has been directly caused by members of the USDOJ and the American Bar Association acting in criminal collusion and conspiracy with international banks.

In essence, they foreclose on “JOHN MICHAEL DOE” (a fraudulently created UNITED STATES corporate franchise) with one hand and use the equity credit merely “presumed” to belong to “John Michael Doe” (a fraudulently created Territorial USA franchise) to buy the property back for themselves—- leaving the living man who just happens to be the actual John Michael Doe, out on the street.

We want these criminals removed from all public buildings and permanently barred from holding or appearing to hold any public offices naturally belonging to the states and people of this country. We want the international commercial lien which we have established against the ABA/IBA as a result of their criminal activities fully enforced.

We want INTERPOL, the CIA, the DOJ, the FBI, the NSA, the IRS and every other alphabet soup agency directly or indirectly on our payroll to clean house from one end to the other, and if they do not get to the bottom of this when great-grandmothers and garage owners have been able to do so— consider them all fired. Permanently. Not eligible for rehire.

As for you, you have worked for us indirectly, now you can work for us directly. We have the resources available to pay for your services with no need to kiss any off-shore rump. Our arrangements with the Native Americans to provide the essential governmental services as federal contractors are more than sufficient to preserve the actual Constitution despite the self-evident Breach of Trust and Neglect of Duty and Default of both the French and British Governments in these matters.

You will give your immediate and urgent attention to the job of securing all American assets on a worldwide basis, including securing the names, copyrights, trademarks, bank accounts, DNA, and all other purloined assets of the American states and people which have been stolen—-and returning all such property to the rightful owners.

You will also give your immediate and urgent attention to preventing further international identity theft and false commercial enfranchisement practices.

James Clinton Belcher, Head of State, United States of America
Anna Maria Riezinger, Judge, World Trust Fiduciary

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