The M1 Bond Scam

The M1 Bond Scam

12405-judge2banna  Judge Anna von Reitz

Yes, it’s a trick. If you use their “M1” bond, you are indemnified by them and not by yourself and not by your native states of the union. That then gives them permission to “claim” you and your assets as security backing their bonds. It is a major scam.

When you use the bonds I established for each one of the states of the Union, you are indemnifying yourself and your native organic state, which you own and control.

So, would you rather belong as property owned by whatever potentate in Indonesia (Barack Obama’s old stomping ground) or would you rather (1) take back your actual status as the landowner and force the rats to discharge the odious debts you don’t owe anyway? or (2) shelter under the indemnity owed to your own state of the Union and be responsible for taking care of that?

Just say, “No” and keep on pushing.

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