The Simple Fact of the Matter

The Simple Fact of the Matter

12405-judge2banna  Judge Anna von Reitz

All cases in America are decided on the basis of public records. Period.

We amassed the public records to claim and re-convey our names and estates and put all the Due Process and Liens needed in place.

And then the long-lost heirs showed up at the ESTATE sale.

When the long-lost heirs show up, the debts that the “presumed” beneficiaries accrued against the ESTATE have to be discharged.

All the debts.

The property has to be returned to the actual owners in good order and all damage has to be made whole, all titles and rights returned, all leases and interest paid.

When the landsmen return to the land, the buck stops, the Law of the Land kicks in.

So all these “offers” to get rid of “YOUR” debt by accepting an “M1 Bond” actually reduces down to this—- in order to get rid of a debt that you never owed in the first place, you take a pittance of what you are owed, and sell yourself into slavery.

Reminds me of similar undisclosed contracts that have been offered to Americans in the past, and makes me wonder when the Generals responsible for this are going to wake up and realize that they are culpable.

And also that this is totally unnecessary.

The people they are supposed to defend have more than enough money to pay them for the services if they get off their duffs and open our bank accounts for us.

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