The Simplest Solution: Nationalize the Banks, Keep the Account Structure

The Simplest Solution: Nationalize the Banks, Keep the Account Structure

I have been asked and asked— what’s the simplest, fastest way out of this bind?

Nationalize the banks, hire new managers to ride herd on existing managers, keep the account structure intact. Force the banks to pay for it. If they had done their job, this step wouldn’t be needed.

At the Treasury, do the long-delayed bookkeeping crediting the American People, which will automatically off-set and wipe out the so-called “National Debt”. Get the Territorial United States out of bankruptcy.  Return the rest of the credit to the individual accounts as sub-accounts.

Use Obummer’s bogus Puerto Rican Public Transmitting Utility franchises to discharge all public employee debts, and discharge all the other people’s debts in probate and charge the cost of it to the IMF, World Bank, IBRD, BIS, and other banks that used our assets and credit without paying us for the “loan”.

Return control of the assets to the actual states and people, bring all the “off-ledger” and Historic Trust accounts back on-line and force the bankers to account for any discrepancies.

End of story, end of crisis.

That’s all that really needs to be done.

Instead, we have all this cloak and dagger stuff going on with bankers being “suicided” instead of mined for information, and military units clogging up the halls at the U.S. Treasury almost a hundred years after the bird has flown, and the “Exchange Stabilization Fund” still using the Federal Reserve as a storefront.

If you all want to get through this with the least amount of disruption and chaos, the answer is simple: nationalize the banks, but keep the account structure intact. Simply re-convert the so-called “Public Accounts” back to being private accounts— which they always actually were— and admit that they were unlawfully converted in the first place. Make amends. Deal with reality.

The federal Territorial and Municipal employees have robbed us blind and kept a crooked accounting system, but it’s nothing that a few hundred highly motivated CPA’s can’t straighten out. The longer we avoid taking the right action for fear of admitting to old crimes, the worse and more out of balance everything gets.

We can’t deal with FDR. For better or worse, he and his cohorts are long gone. What we need to deal with now, is now.

The U.S. Army is still responsible for safe-guarding our money. Time they got down and did something practical about the theft of our money and our credit. It’s also time that President Trump gave the order.

There is no reason for anyone to steal the accounts and pensions of Americans. There is, however, plenty of reason to seize and control the banks entrusted with managing those accounts.


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