Progress Update from Judge Anna

Progress Update from Judge Anna

Published August 30, 2017

We are keeping ahead of the costs and curve—just barely. Please help if you can. We are in the final lap here, gasping for air with the Finish Line in sight.

The level of dis-info out here is reaching pandemic levels, and I have to say I have never in my life imagined such a vast amount of hysteria:

“It’s the “End of the World” — for sure — and so-and-so has the exact time table…. the planet is doomed!” We all have to be “evacuated” to Fifth Dimensional reality (killed, that is, because we could never survive in 5D with or without “crystalline” DNA being “activated”). There are slimy “reptoid” non-people and insectoid creatures, all masquerading as men and women. There are ET’s everywhere and long-lost cousins called “Agarthans” who live in a vast, Shambala-like inner planetary world….. and every other kind of claim you can think of. The poles are shifting. (Well, damn, they have shifted before. We know that. The Earth is still here.) The Earth is Flat, really. Yeah, Archimedes and Aristophanes were both wrong. There is a vast war going on between Off-World Defense Forces (think Star Trek) and ETs nested like parasitic insects under things like airports, naval yards and ports. There is an Islamic conspiracy to “rupture time” and open up a “worm hole” where no doubt all the Graboids from the movie “Tremors” are waiting to eat us. And last but not least, the Planet Nbiru is going to rear its ugly sun-dogged head above the plane of our flat horizon and the backwash of its gravity wave is going to cause another catastrophic Flood, like in the days of Noah, and then, the ancient gods, Enki and Enli and their sons Vishnu, Shiva, and Lord Krishna, are all going to meet in mid-air battle with the Greek Titans, Cronos, et alia, in a Grudge Match Winner Take All…..but at the last minute, Godzilla is going to intervene and save the day…..

Holy crap. And I am living on the same planet with people who— apparently— believe all this? And more?

Compared to that, what’s a gigantic multi-generational fraud scheme?

Nearly every other day, some other spin-off group comes forward claiming to be “the real America” and “the real Republic” and it just goes on and on ad nauseum. None of these groups know the actual history, all of these groups are being fronted by some “external power”— investor groups, banks, foreign governments, you name it. I haven’t seen one of them tell the Truth or offer us anything worth having, so why waste time?

Make the correct claim. And go forward.

This is your country. Nobody else’s.

And the debts of the UNITED STATES, INC. and the USA, Inc. are not your debts. You are not a franchise nor a franchisee of these foreign commercial corporations which have operated on our shores under conditions of gross fraud and deceit and non-disclosure. They knowingly created “public trusts” named after us and they plundered those public trusts and they are attempting to breach them. They are criminals, pure and simple.

So, join us and stand up and say so. Correct the deliberately falsified public records. Bring your claims. Tell your friends, families, neighbors, local officials—- everyone. Boot up your local Jural Assemblies and let’s go.

Tell the Pope. Tell the Queen. Tell the Comptroller of the Currency. Tell the Secretary of the Treasury. And the President of France. Tell the Rothschilds. Tell the Office of the Prosecutor of the World Court. Tell the Secretary of the United Nations. Tell President Trump. Tell the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

There are those who want to soft-pedal it and call what has happened here “neglect”. That’s like calling rape an “accident”.
Or calling aggravated Grand Theft “a little misunderstanding”.

I am not advocating digging up the 150 year-old bones of the men responsible for starting this Mess, and there is no help or remedy on this Earth against FDR. I don’t advocate violence. I don’t advocate blaming those who inherited this “System” and never knew that they were doing anything wrong.

But I do advocate calling crime, crime. I do advocate dealing with reality as it is. So….

Wake up! Do the work! Spend the stamps!

Object to the so-called “national” bankruptcies taking place in the District of Columbia which attempt to involve us and claim that we and our estates are chattel properties, and that we otherwise “gifted” these bankrupt commercial corporations with all our labor and the copyrights to our names, our land and our resources and everything else that is naturally ours.

Look up the address of The United States District Court for the District of Columbia and send in your claim to your name and estate to the Clerk of Court and the Senior Judges, John Hogan and Royce Lamberth. Tell them you aren’t dead and aren’t missing and never were. You were just the victim of crime— press ganging, inland piracy, constructive fraud, extortion, kidnapping, racketeering, identity theft, copyright infringement, involuntary peonage, deliberate falsification of public records, and much, much more.

Tell them that you have “returned to the land and soil of your birth” and are “permanently domiciled there” and that you have recorded your claim of your lawful Trade Name and all similarly named Vessels engaged in International Trade and associated beneficial ACCOUNTS.

Tell them that your state of the Union is fully functional and has been since your birth day which was:___________________.

Tell them that you have “retired” from any Federal Citizenship Municipal or Territorial, and that you are a Priority Creditor of both the UNITED STATES, INC. and the USA, Inc. and you object to any settlement favoring Secondary Creditors until the claims of the Paramount Security Interest Holders are met.

Go ahead, America. Just do it and do it now.

FLOOD their offices as deep in paper as the Deep State flooded Houston, Texas.

Other news– the “dumping” of US assets by foreign banks has begun. This is proof that they know that the titles to property they are holding are fraudulent — and they have chosen to try to bilk innocent new buyers of these assets.

Remember the Florida Real Estate Swindles– selling people property that is underwater for half the year, or giving people Quit Claim Deeds to land you don’t own?

It’s fraud, fraud, fraud, and more fraud with these people. They are like the House that Jack Built with a crooked walk and crooked talk and a crooked chimney, too.

So it is time for all of us to get down to it and make ourselves heard.

Worldwide. Loudly. 1, 2, 3……

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