To All White Hats Everywhere

Sunday, September 3, 2017

To All White Hats Everywhere

By Anna Von Reitz

 Please, everyone, call me, email me, or text me if anyone comes to you “in my name” —and we will have the rat arrested.  I have two men on Earth who are bonded to serve me, one is the Secretary of the Treasury, Steven T. Mnuchin.  The other is a private individual known only to Steven T. Mnuchin.  So. That’s it, and both these guys have fiscal and banking duties to do. Nothing else at all. No lawyers. No priests. No diplomats. No members of any “Congress”.   Nobody else can “represent” me in any non-bonded capacity whatsoever.  I have a big enough mouth and can jolly well present myself if I need any presenting.
Not everyone who comes in the name of the Lord comes from the Lord.  Remember that and we will all be a lot better off.
The Guadalupe Hidalgo Trust belongs to the Native American tribes and the sons and daughters of Spanish pioneers and cowboys who were living in seven western states in 1834. It’s intended purpose was (and still is) to provide infrastructure for the states—roads, bridges, etc., and services for the people — schools, hospitals, etc.
These and similar trusts are meant to help people on a worldwide basis, but they have been commandeered by a few wealthy and dishonest individuals for their own enrichment instead of being used for the purposes set forth in the trust indentures.
Trillions of dollars worth of gold, silver, platinum, gems, art, currencies, stocks, bonds, and other valuable assets have been stockpiled while people have starved and gone without and lived their lives as slaves working “for” these few criminals.
It’s time that we all gathered together as one people and put an end to this system globally.  Finis.  Zum Ende.  Over.
But even as we speak, they are trying their best to start the same old fraud game over again, simply on a much larger scale.  This time, the gluttons want to rule the whole world.
And they are attempting to put together just a much larger version of what they did here in America after the so-called Civil War: (1) Set up a Public Charitable Trust (the PCT then, the OPPT now); (2) promise everyone all sorts of “rights” without telling them what kind of “rights” these really are—- (“civil rights” then, and “human rights” now); (3) conscript everyone under false pretenses and conditions of deceit and non-disclosure, so as to claim all their assets belong to your private, for-profit, mostly foreign owned commercial corporation (“The United States of America, Inc.” back then, the “UN Corporation” now).
Let’s just say, “NO!” and make it stick this time?
These fraud artists deserve nothing but a kick in the rump and a heave-ho out the door.  Let’s just arrest them and follow the lead of Iceland.  End the criminality, arrest those responsible, and rebuild a sane and honest system of banking and government.  The entire cost of doing it pales beside the cost of not doing it.  So, pack up your troubles in an old kit bag, and smile, smile, smile—-grimly, but determinedly, and start.  Now.
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