The Importance of Sand

Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Importance of Sand

Anna Von Reitz

Four decades ago, I became aware of the fact that huge underwater volcanic eruptions were breaking out along both the Mid-Atlantic and Pacific Ridges. Of course, we don’t see these volcanic eruptions until and unless the results build up an island that breaks the surface of the water. Most of the rock just piles up on the sea floor as lava and basalt pillars interspersed with “volcanic jets”— super heated water columns that are like the ocean equivalent of the pressure valve on a pressure cooker.
What ho? Is the Earth expanding its girth all of a sudden, I asked, all along both mid-ocean ridges? Why?
Suddenly, like the light dawning, we have a reasonable, practical, profit-driven reason for both the mid-ocean eruptions and all the other odd things that are happening— the whole global warming song and dance, the climate change hysteria, the Paris Accords seeking to tax us as if we were the guilty parties—and all the other rot— finally! Simply explained and exposed:
This is it, folks. This is “the” explanation for all of it.
They have mined so much sand out of the sea bed that it is upsetting the whole balance of nature. And they want to hide this fact, so that they can continue to mine sand for free and make obscene profits— at the expense of life on Earth.
Now you know and you can tell your neighbors. I have been waiting forty years for an explanation that made sense, and now at last we have it.
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