Private Jokes, Land, and Political Reality  

Friday, September 8, 2017

Private Jokes, Land, and Political Reality

By Anna Von Reitz

Those of you who are of a certain age will remember the cartoon, “Mighty Mouse”. 

When all this began in earnest I was feeling overwhelmed and confided that I felt like a “mouse trying to eat an elephant.”
My friend said, basically— move over and I’ll take a bite, too!
So, he became “Mouse Too”.
Later volunteers to the cause earned their own “Mouse Names”.   This isn’t meant to be any kind of secret names fol-der-rol.  It’s just a reminder of our brotherhood of humanity, one by one, chewing our bit of the government and world power “elephant”.
Our gallant cartoonist, Paul Snover, immortalized the “Mouse Moment” with a large scale cartoon of the moment when one mouse became two mice and all that has happened since.
Yesterday, my son brought me a YouTube video of a mouse killing a cobra.  For real.
I was cheering that mouse on for all my might, and at the end of thirty seconds of fierce battle, the mouse won.  It was especially good in that I had just fended off yet another attack against our land jurisdiction rights.
While everyone else is concentrating on money and banking and all the ins and outs of corporations it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that our rights depend upon our status as landlords.
Just as the vermin among us have gradually replaced people with “persons” so as to be able to manipulate, defraud, and delude and have a legal means of doing so,  they have placed “land titles and descriptions” over our actual soil, as a means of extracting revenue and making false claims of ownership interest.
I have talked about this process several times before, even delving into it as it occurs in England and Wales, but I want to underline this in Big Red Letters.
What the so-called “governmental services corporations” do is hire some hapless man or woman with nothing better to do, give them a Plat Book and send them out to “name and number” actual land parcels and roads. Now, this man or woman has no material interest in your home or land at all.  It’s just Granny Grunt driving by your house and arbitrarily deciding, “Oh, well, let’s call this “Spring Street” and that green house will be Number 1101….. yes, 1101 Spring Street…..”
And then another corporation hires another clueless man and sends him out on a similar mission— “assign a lot and block number to these parcels”.  So, just as arbitrarily, he drives around and says, “This is….uh….. Block 6, Lot 4…..uh, and let’s call it Bellewood Subdivision…..”
And then they send you a tax bill.
Or rather, they send a tax bill to a PERSON that they presume is “residing” as a short term tenant in their arbitrarily created “place” known as “Block 6, Lot 4, Bellewood Subdivision” or alternatively as “1101 Spring Street”…… and obviously, since their corporation is acting “as” the “landlord” in your “absence”, they have the right to tax whoever is using your property.
And if the “TENANT” does doesn’t pay, they also have the right to throw the “RESIDENT” out, right?   They even have a responsibility to do so, because remember, they are acting as your property manager.
You are the missing landlord in their system of things.
So what to do?
First, and foremost, come home from the sea.  Seize your lawful Trade Name and re-convey it to the land jurisdiction of your birth state and record your “Deed of Re-Conveyance” with the land recording office.
Second, claim your Common Law Copyright as preserved in the Session Laws of the state where you live, and all the various styles and permutations of your given Trade Name— John Doe, Doe, John, John Maynard Doe, JOHN M. DOE, DOE, JOHN M. and so on.   Record that with the land recording office, too.
And now you are ready to make the corporations dance to a new tune. 
Locate their survey stakes and markers which are at the four corners of your land parcels.  Create your own “boundary stones”— this can be a literal stone boulder or a large-enough-to-be-clearly noticeable pile of stones, topped by some kind of permanent marker, such as a railroad spike or horseshoe or painted and varnished hardwood stake, or a piece of iron pipe you’ve painted bright orange— whatever suits your fancy, and put it over their survey marker.
You have now defined your land by metes and bounds as that parcel of soil inside the square, rectangle, trapezoid or parallelogram contained within those four corners.  (You can define even more complex shapes by using more boundary stones, but you have to be able to “cogently” describe their location and relationship in terms of compass directions and distance between markers.)
It’s yours.  You paid for it.  You are the landlord.  You name it.
Instead of it being “Block 6, Lot 4, Bellewood Subdivision” or “1101 Spring Street”, you arbitrarily rename it  yourself —- “2222 Peaceful Lazy Lane”?
And then you enter a Correction and Re-Conveyance of Deeds and Titles.
In this document you establish the boundary stones and the metes and bounds description of your land, the new name designation you have given to it, identify yourself as the landlord and give an “in care of” Post Office Box or business address where you can be contacted, and note that your parcel is part of the California, not the State of California and not the STATE OF CALIFORNIA. Record this with the land recording office.
So, as the landlord returned home after an admittedly very long “absence” you have taken control of your name and estate and by recording your actions with the land recording office, you have given public notice of these facts.
Here are some more facts for you to know:
sovereign state = california  (Texas v. White)
unincorporated State = California also known as California State, Unincorporated
Territorial State = State of California
Now, as an American free-born on the land jurisdiction of say, Minnesota, you are a Minnesotan and a Minnesota national by birthright.  Any other “status” is accrued after the fact.  Take a good look at what appears to be “your” Birth Certificate.
There you will see your actual birth day but no trace of your actual Given Trade Name in Upper and Lower Case — only the corporate PERSON NAME.  You will also see a “File Date” which is the day that the PERSON was created.  The File Date is the Birth Date of the PERSON they created to inherit your estate.
The PERSON is a CITIZEN of the Municipal UNITED STATES, INC.  HE is then “removed” to the Territorial jurisdiction of Puerto Rico (the records are transferred)  — and deemed to be a “Citizen” of the Territorial USA, Inc., too.  And neither one of these fairy tale concoctions have anything to do with you, other than the fact that they are being used by Third Parties to “impersonate” you.
More recently, since Jimmy Carter obliged the criminals, the records have been “removed” again to the custody of the United Nations and become subject to “United Nations Law”, too.
This is a crime of “personage” and an infringement against your natural Common Law Copyright  guaranteed by the Copyright Act of 1790— but, guess what? Nobody knew that they had to record your Common Law Copyright with the Land Recorder’s Office, so that never got done.  You name got “registered” instead of being “recorded”, so now you are “at sea” and it is up to you to correct the mess.
You always pre-date the PERSON and have the “first in line, first in time” claim to your name and your estates, but since nobody tells you any of this, you are fair game for these monsters to “presume upon”.  And they have done a lot of presuming.
They created franchises for themselves based on your name and property assets. They prosecuted you and extorted money from you under conditions of constructive fraud.  They plundered the “public trusts” they created for 150 years. They are the epitome of Bad Servants.
But if you have followed along and have seized upon and re-conveyed your Given Trade Name back to the land jurisdiction and also recorded your Common Law Copy Right to your Trade Name and all its derivatives, you are now ready to reclaim your land assets — your homes and farms and land holdings throughout the United States of America, Unincorporated.
The State of Alaska calls my land “2366 South Park Road” and defines it by survey markers, but I call it “4711 Birchwood Road” and define it by metes and bounds and my own boundary markers.  And since I am the Landlord, and they are the Public Servants, guess who wins that argument?
The mouse wins.
And to all my fellow-mice, keep chewing!
A special thanks to all the gallant ladies throughout America who have filled my pantry shelves beyond my wildest imaginings — not only with jams and jellies, but with syrups and butters and pickles that would make my Grandmother proud!  You are all wonderful, and have done a great deal toward restoring my warm-fuzzy feelings about the fall season.
My dog has recovered from his wounds, and “Cookie” at last report is busy beyond imagining, but continuing to mend, too.  We are blessed.
Somehow, we have — with your support — continued to make headway and keep our noses just barely above the waves.  We continue to learn more and gain more insight every day.  Please keep us on your list of worthy and hopefully returning-ample-dividend investments you can make.  I continue to act as your Paymaster and to fund our operations entirely on private donations.
My PayPal is:  The snail mail address is: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652. 
Please note that that is an “in care of” address for a reason.  We are not required and are in fact exempt from using Zip Codes, but those who deliver the mail are not so fortunate.  In order to preserve our exempt status, and still expedite mail service, it is important that we receive our mail “in care of” our servants’ addresses, until such time as we take back full control of our own government and its operations and make other decisions.
Final observation:  nobody can force you to accept or stay in the subservient status of a “citizen”.  Citizens are employees or dependents of the government corporations and are obligated by their employment or dependency to adopt that political status.  Most of us are not obligated to act as “citizens” and any demand that we do so is an act of enslavement or peonage or both.
Retirees — even those who are receiving “Social Security” or federal civilian or military pensions — are not, generally speaking — required to retain the second class political status of “citizens” and are free to rebut and renounce such presumptions being held against them.
Even those that are obligated to retain “US citizenship” for lack of any other nationality are free to claim “equal civil rights” and continue to press for open reform of this current administrative and “governmental services” racket.
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