What will the next big bubble be? What should you own?

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

What will the next big bubble be? What should you own?

What should you invest in? Do you have a priority list? What tops your list?

Here is my priority list.

1. Get your spiritual life in order, and be at peace with Yehovah. Learn how to walk in the Spirit (Yeshua) using the Book of Acts as a guide.

This is always number one.

Things to own.

2. Food.  Long term food storage items.

3. Water purification and a good source of water.

4. Communications equipment and knowledge.

5. Guns and Ammo, and other survival equipment.

6. Fuel, Gas, diesel, propane etc.

7. Medical supplies and knowledge.

8. Engineering. Power and Water systems and equipment.

9. General prep like dry goods. Stock up on everything you normally use every week.

10. All of that said, if you have these things covered, and still have “money” in a bank somewhere, then you have your whole life’s work hanging out on a limb.

You need to get that wealth OUT OF THE CORPORATE BANKS and in things that are real and necessary.

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